best hairspray for 3d printing

Best Hairspray for 3D Printing | Adhesion Guide

There are obviously a number of benefits using the best hairspray for 3D printing. It helps in better adhesion of printing materials to the printed surface. However, this is a subject matter that is not known fully to many of us. There are some known problems associated with 3D printing and many people believe that …

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best paint for 3d print

Best Paint for 3D Prints | Painting Guide

The world of 3D printing is vast in the maker world. You get the freedom of transforming your ideas into reality.  However, merely creating the models is not enough, you have to work on the personalization to make them look stunning. While painting the 3d printed plastics sounds easy, it is actually a bit tricky. …

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how to remove supports from 3d print

How to Remove 3D Prints and Supports: 5 Helpful Tips

3D Printers have come a long way, but it takes a lot of hard work to get your prints to look like the beautiful design you created in your software. Some 3D printed parts require support to hold the object in place as it is being printed. Unfortunately it is not possible to print something …

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how to clean up 3d printed parts

How to clean up 3D Printed Parts | 5 Tips & Tricks

3D printers are one of the most useful inventions of all time. You can easily convert your ideas into reality in no time. But just visioning and modelling the 3D objects is not enough. You have to follow a complete “After” process to finish it! In this article, we’ll discuss the practical ways of cleaning …

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best free 3d modeling software for 3d printing

The Best Free 3D Modeling Software for 3D Printing 2021

Looking for the best free 3d printer modeling software or best slicer program? This article is all about finding the best beginner 3d printing software that works efficiently in every stage of your work. Every 3D print starts as a 3D model created on a modeling program. Previously, you needed to spend a lot of …

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what material does a 3d printer print with

What Material does a 3D Printer Print With?

The 3D printing industry is constantly growing with new advancements. New machines are being designed to print different types of materials such as composites, metals, plastics, and many more. So, what material does a 3D Printer print with and which one is strongest?  When it is about 3D printing, there are many materials to choose …

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how to open a 3d printing business

How to Open a 3D Printing Business: Where & What to Sell

Are you planning to open your own 3D printing business, but don’t know how to start? If so, this article would be helpful to you. It’s 2020, and 3D printing isn’t a surprise anymore. This technology is slowly reaching every sphere of our lives. Many companies are trying to make the best use of this …

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how much filament do i need for 3d printing

How much filament do I need for 3D Printing?

Before getting started with your 3D Printing journey it is important to what you are getting into and how much things will cost down the line.  Like how much filament do I need for 3D printing and what 3D printer should I buy?  Knowing this, as well as all the other information provided down below, …

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who invented 3d printing technology

Who Created the 3D Printer: Amazing 3D Printing Facts

The History of 3D Printers This history of 3D printers is nothing short of a scientific breakthrough.  3D Printing technology was one of the greatest technological advances in the last 50 years and has completely changed how we view what is possible in many scientific fields. 1981-1999: The history of 3D printers started way back …

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dual vs single extrusion 3d printer

3D Printer Single vs Dual Extrusion: Detailed Comparison

Users of the 3D printers received dozens of new printing opportunities with the introduction of dual extrusion 3D printers. However, if you plan to buy such a device, you should understand what are the principal differences between a 3D printer with single vs dual extrusion. After all, these devices are quite expensive machines, so you …

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