cnc vs laser cutter

CNC Router vs Laser Cutter | Which is better?

Anyone one interested in becoming a Maker has gone through the process of deciding on what machine they should get.  There are a lot of possibilities depending on what you would like to accomplish.  So, that’s where it comes down to a Laser Cutter vs CNC Router.  While they’re not exactly the same, each one …

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best free CAM software for CNC Router

Best FREE CAD CAM Software for CNC Routers: Top 5 Picks

Finding the perfect CAM software can be difficult, not to mention finding one on a tight budget. So we took time to find the best free CAM software packages for CNC Routers that out there today.  To make the most out of your CNC machine, it is very important to have the right software to …

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can a cnc router cut steel

Can a CNC Router cut Steel?

When machining metals like steel, most people prefer using high-performance milling machines, and there is no doubt that such machines can easily handle even the most complicated task. These spindles can rotate cutting tools at high speed that is almost incomparable to the most exceptional drills. However, a CNC router can feature a spindle operating …

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how to price cnc router work

How to Price CNC Router Work: A Simple Formula

CNC technology is continuing to gain popularity across different industries, and while that presents a lot of business opportunities, it also comes with some challenges, the biggest one being pricing. How to price CNC router work can be a daunting task, especially if you are new in the business. You may be intimidated by the …

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cnc router vs milling machine

CNC Router vs Milling Machine: What’s the difference?

CNC machining has been the go-to technology for manufacturing of custom parts, with its use increasing tremendously in recent years. Modern day manufacturing uses a wide array of machines, but some of the most common  ones are CNC routers and CNC mills. These machines use different types of materials but can perform similar functions, and …

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how to make money with a wood cnc router

How to make money with a CNC Wood Router: Detailed Guide

How to make money with a CNC wood router is a common question among woodworkers and makers alike.  There is a lot of room for potential in the market, but you will need strong marketing skills and commitment to thrive at it. Using CNC routers isn’t all that difficult after some practice and patience.  It …

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best laptop for cnc router

Best Laptop for CNC Router: Complete Buying Guide

A CNC router is not the only equipment you need for cutting and engraving. You’ll usually need a computer so you can control the and program the machining process.  It is very important to have a quality and powerful computer to maximize the efficiency of your CNC machine. However, there’s hardly any definition online what …

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Can you make money with a CNC Router? | How to Guide

Can You Make Money with a CNC Router? Yes, you absolutely can make money with a CNC router, so let us explain what it takes for you to make your first sale and beyond. Cutting and carving is a job that requires a lot of passion and patience. At the same time, you could be …

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x-carve Maker Industry

How deep can you cut with a CNC Router?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact depth you can cut that is universal for all CNC Routers. There are many variables that go into determining how deep you can cut. If you are like me and want to get the most out of your CNC machine, then you will want to figure out the maximum depth …

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double sided tape for cnc

Best Double Sided Tape for CNC Router: Our Top Picks

Sometimes clamps just don’t get it done when securing your workpiece to your CNC router, but luckily there is another option available.  Some would say it’s the best option , that tool is double-sided tape. What is Double Sided Tape? Double sided tape is a type of adhesive tape that has adhesive on both sides …

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