How to make money with a CNC Wood Router: Detailed Guide

How to make money with a CNC wood router is a common question among woodworkers and makers alike.  There is a lot of room for potential in the market, but you will need strong marketing skills and commitment to thrive at it.

Using CNC routers isn’t all that difficult after some practice and patience.  It generally can be done by anybody, including those who don’t have background knowledge in computers and technology, but the challenge is in selling the products you make.

One of the best ways to make great sales is by identifying the demographics that will need your products then making your products in a way that sets you apart from everyone else making similar products.

To operate the computer numerical control router, you will need a computer and some basic skills on how to use it as well as some knowledge on software that you will apply to the computer-aided design that the machine will use.

The router has been designed to help designers and engineers come up with the best designs of different objects, including the most delicate ones. It does this by showing 3D or 2D dimensions, but using vectors and commands to modify those images to make the necessary changes.

how to make money with a wood cnc router

You can manipulate the image using the tools in the software to make the smallest cuts with utmost precision.

Although you have the freedom to customize the designs as you wish, you should be careful not to make too many changes that could lead to errors and even wastage of the materials.

Don’t let all of that technical talk fool you, in the end it really isn’t that complicated.  With practice and patience it won’t be long before you know how to make money with your CNC wood router.

What products to make

Making products that will be easier to sell is one of the best ways of making sure that your business does well.

The versatile nature of the CNC wood router makes it perfect for making a wide range of products, which means that you shouldn’t worry about what products to make.

Some of the trending ones include:

Home Decor

Wooden decoration items are currently trending than other materials. The products under this category are very many ranging from wooden clocks to wooden lanterns. One of the reasons why making these products is an excellent idea is that some of them are smaller, which will not need a lot of wood. It’s also easier to find reusable wood, which you will be able to use to ensure cost-effective production.


CNC wood routers make the production of different types of furniture such as cabinet boxes and lounges very simple. They can also be used to make shelves and desks with inbuilt storage spaces for both commercial and residential uses. Most property owners look for wooden furniture because of the improved aesthetics. You have to distinguish your product based on where it will be used.


Custom carved signs and creating different sculptures have also been made easier by CNC routers. Even though most businesses have online presence and platforms, they also have physical locations and will need signs for those locations. Even homeowners use unique signs to add visual appeal and uniqueness to their properties.

Where to sell

When it comes to where to sell your products, you can use online and offline platforms.

However, setting up an office may require more funds and could limit you to a smaller customer base. Online platforms have more flexibility and a wider client base, but you will need better marketing skills to capture the attention of your targeted customers.

Selling online is also easier since you can still capture the local market by selling through your website. It’s, therefore, better to start with online platforms then set up stores in different locations before you expand your business.

If you decide to sell online, one of the best places to start would be Etsy since it is the platform known for the sale of handmade gifts and products. As such, you won’t have to convince your customers since they already know the kind of product they want.

Other online platforms similar to Etsy include handmade amazon, iCraft, folksy, and Zibbet. You can also use social media platforms to drive attention to your products, but don’t expect to make any sales on those platforms.

How should I price my work?

When pricing your work, you should consider most of the product, which includes the cost of the materials, your time and energy and well as any other additional costs like energy costs.

While you may be tempted to charge high prices to match what you are worth, you need to remember that you have competitors, and too high prices could drive people away from you to them.

You should, therefore, factor in the price ranges of your competitors, but make sure what you charge is enough to bring you profits.

Marketing (How to promote your products)

Even with the best prices, failure to promote your products could lead to the failure of the business. One of the best ways of promoting your business when you have a tight budget remains social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is the most preferred marketing platform because it offers many affordable marketing tools, but you should also use others to widen your demographic scope.

Another marketing technique is implementing a reward system for your referrals.

Ask your customers to refer to other people and make it worth their while by offering them rewards. You have to be careful to ensure that the system doesn’t lead to losses that you can’t recover from.

Make sure your designs are high quality before setting up the reward system. This means picking a product niche that you are very good at. CNC wood routers offer great diversity, but you shouldn’t try to make everything at once.

Start with a few once that you are great at and thrive at it before expanding to other niches. Knowing what you specialize in will make you unique and allow your customers to differentiate you from other products.

Instead of focusing on attracting individuals only, focus on other businesses that may need your products as well. Forging partnerships with other businesses will bring you long term profits because you’ll be getting recurring orders.


The CNC router industry still has a lot of untapped potentials that you can benefit from. Working with wood also enhances your chances of thriving, given the number of products you can make. Marketing your business is also doable without the help of an agency, but it may take some time before you start making the profits you anticipated.

Before you know it you will know how to make money with your wood CNC router, just remember practice makes perfect.