how to clean laser cutter bed

How to Clean a Laser Cutter Bed – Complete Guide

As you may know a laser cutter is a manufacturing tool used in industrial production and for crafters and hobbyists.  It is a complete prototyping tool that artists, designers, and engineers need to cut and etch into flat material. They do that by sending designs into a laser cutter, which slices the materials using a …

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cnc vs laser cutter

CNC Router vs Laser Cutter | Which is better?

Anyone one interested in becoming a Maker has gone through the process of deciding on what machine they should get.  There are a lot of possibilities depending on what you would like to accomplish.  So, that’s where it comes down to a Laser Cutter vs CNC Router.  While they’re not exactly the same, each one …

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best wood for laser cutting

Best Wood for Laser Cutting: Our Favorites

Laser cutting can be very exciting as we can make our designs become a reality. However, the thing about laser cutting is that you have to determine what type of material you want to use for your design. Wood is one of the most popular laser cutter materials. Having the best wood for laser cutting …

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how does a laser cutter work

How does a Laser Cutter Work: A Technological Triumph

We’ve all probably seen a laser cutter in action. If you are like most people, the first time you witnessed it,  you were most likely filled with curiosity. We’ve all asked ourselves the question, how does a laser cutter work and how was it invented?  If that question is still itching your brain then you …

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how to paint fill a laser engraving

How to Paint Fill a Laser Engraving: Step-by-Step Guide

How to paint fill a laser engraving is one of the most tedious processes there is, but we’ve developed a step-by-step guide to help simplify the process. Several materials that are laser engraved can be more pronounced with paint filling. The objects generally used for laser engraving are synthetic stone, wood, glass, acrylic, and marble. …

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what file format do laser cutters use

How to use a Laser Cutter: File Formats and Design

What Are Laser Cutters? A laser cutter is a type of machine that incorporates the use of laser beams to precisely engrave or cut materials. While these types of technology are often used in the industrial sector, more and more businesses, hobbyists, and schools are starting to use it as well.  The laser technology was …

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can a laser cutter cut carbon fiber

Can a Laser Cutter cut Carbon Fiber?

Many laser cutters can work on numerous materials, but there are some that there isn’t a definitive answer on.  Like, can you cut carbon fiber with a laser cutter and can you engrave it? Continue reading as we go into the details. What is Carbon Fiber? In order to answer the questions above, we must …

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How to Seal Laser Engraved Wood

How to Seal Laser Engraved Wood: Detailed Guide

If you would like to have the surface of your laser engraved wood smooth, there are fine products for sealing wood that you can use. The most important thing is to know how to seal laser engraved wood. Doing it the right way and using the right sealer will give you good results and make …

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Can you Laser Engrave Acrylic

Can you Laser Engrave Acrylic?

Are you wondering, can you laser engrave acrylic? Well yes, it is possible to laser engrave acrylic, but you have to get the process right and get the best results. There are incredible tricks and tips to make use of and produce amazing engravings. Laser cutting is not a difficult procedure if you have the …

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How to clean Acrylic after Laser Engraving

How to clean Acrylic after Laser Engraving

As laser enthusiasts, we’ve all been there before when trying to figure out how to clean acrylic after laser engraving.  As you’ve noticed, after the laser engraving is finished there is some acrylic residue left over. This can be a pain to deal with but there are some ways to make it easier on yourself …

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