Meet The Team

Noah Harrison

Expert Woodworker & Machinist

Over 35 Years of Woodworking and Carpentry Experience.  Loves using the latest technology and tools in woodworking like CNC Routers and Laser Cutters.  

Joshua Garcia

3D Printer Specialist & Founder

As the founder of Maker Industry, Joshua has always been interested in making things ever since he received his first Lego set as a kid.  Now he has turned his passion into a career and loves every minute of it.

amy thompson maker industry

Amy Thompson

DIY Expert & Writer

Amy does it all.  Literally.  If you can name it she can make it from crafts, to furniture, from art, to home improvement.  If she hasn’t done it she will.  Just watch.

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About Maker Industry

Joshua Garcia, Founder

Hi, I'm Joshua. I created Maker Industry to share my passion for maker tools and help others learn about 3D printing, CNC systems, laser cutting and more. Learn More