What is a Fiber Laser Engraver?|Complete Guide

So, what exactly is a fiber laser engraver?

A fiber laser engraver is a type of laser marking system that adopts a laser fiber beam to leave a permanent mark on two dimensional or three-dimensional surfaces in a variety of non-metal or metal materials.

These are used widely in applications of industrial manufacturing, small businesses, education, small shops, and home businesses. A fiber laser is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The laser has throughout the years, become one of the most powerful tools for manufacturing used by a company.

How Does It Work?

The process involves a fiber laser beam removing a material’s surface physically to expose a cavity revealing an image is called laser engraving. There are three types of engraving with lasers. This includes laser ablation, deep laser engraving, and etching.

What differentiates the three is how much surface has been removed. Laser engraving can be done on various surfaces. Compared to traditional engraving on smaller objects such as jewelry, laser engraving is more legible.

There are fewer chances of deforming or damaging products when you use a laser engraver.

Fiber laser engravers work by revealing deep materials through evaporating the surface of the material or to mark physical changes of the surface of a 2D or 3D surfaces caused by the energy of a laser.

A laser engraver can also use optical energy to burn out substances and display all types of bar-codes, signs, characters, numbers, patterns, and etched letters. Fiber laser engravers adopt the most advanced ultra high speed and fiber laser scanning systems in the globe.

Fiber laser engravers have high electro-optical conversion efficiency, small overall volume, and air cooling. There is high reliability, good output beam quality, no maintenance, and long service life. It meets the requirements of smoothness and higher depth in the market.

What Can It Cut Or Engrave?

This option is common for individuals that want to customize or personalize something. Laser engraving has a maximum depth of .020 inches in graphite and other materials. Engraving is the most rapid method of marking with a laser.

Almost any kind of glass, leather, wood, plastic, or metal can be engraved. Typically, laser engravers are used to engrave logos and serial numbers, among other surfaces.

In the process of engraving, the laser creates high heat.

Essentially, this causes the vaporization of the material it touches. This process happens quickly as each pulse vaporizes the material. This creates a surface cavity that is noticeable to the touch and eye. You can repeat several passes to form deeper marks with the laser engraver.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much does a fiber laser engraver cost? Costs vary depending on where you shop. For standard specifications of fiber laser engravers, the smaller lasers between 300mm and 500mm cost between $1999 – $2500 and the largest cost up to $6000.


Fiber laser engravers use fiber laser beams to mark objects such as metal, plastic, wood, leather, or glass.

This is the latest and most updated type of laser engraver that performs at high efficiency. Fiber laser engravers can be used to mark promotional items, commercial items, brands, and personal items.