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What Is Tinkercad? An Overview for Beginners

For anyone just getting into 3D printing or having experience with the industry, the use of Tinkercad is something that most are familiar with for one reason or another. As one of the earlier programs, it got its debut in 2011 and is still one of the most used programs to date.

It can be used by anyone at any level in terms of 3D printing and also across a vast number of industries because of its flexibility. Before you move forward, it is important to truly understand this modeling program and its core areas before using it.

What Is Tinkercad?

Essentially, Tinkercad is a 3D modeling program available to anyone to use. It is free and is completely available online.

This means that there are not any downloads required, and it can be accessed by anyone who has internet access. There are 3 different components to Tinkercad, allowing it to be used as a flexible learning device for students or others who are interested in 3D design, visual code blocks, or electronics.

3D Design

Since 3D printing has spanned into almost every industry at the professional level, having a basic understanding of how it works is critical for those beginning. Even school-aged children are taught how to use 3D printing with the help of Tinkercad. When starting a project on Tinkercad, students can go from the beginning with small, basic prints so that they learn the operations.

Most shapes are pre-made, making it easy for a beginner to drop what they need in the workspace and begin their designs. If the user needs a unique shape or design, they can customize it by using the various premade shapes that are available.

Visual Code Blocks

Another sect of Tinkercad is the visual code blocks that fit together to create custom shapes and designs with visual programming. In this part of the system, users can manipulate the code blocks for each shape so that they get exactly what they need.

It is one of the simpler options, where after the codes have been manipulated by the user, all they need to do is select “Run” to see if the code worked or go back in and make necessary changes.


There is another area of Tinkercad where users can learn about circuits and power electronics from a beginner’s standpoint. With the use of built-in codes, these users can create their own electrical needs for their project goals.

Benefits Of Tinkercad

There are several benefits to using this system, no matter what you are trying to accomplish in 3D printing.

Easy To Use

The services provided by Tinkercad are easy to use and offer a starter option for those who may be new to 3D printing or electronics. It is so easy to use that it is done in classrooms everywhere to teach a basic skill, or used by adults looking to add to their skill base. Even if you’re not very knowledgeable about 3D printing, visual code blocks, or electronic circuits, you can search through premade options to assist you with your needs.


Being able to get access to such a resource like Tinkercad is not always easy. Fortunately, when you type in Tinkercad on your web browser, it comes right up, and you can join right away.

It is also free so all you need in order to get printing is to have internet access while working. They offer a link for resources, their personal blog, and some of their creations for you to view for your own design purposes.

Use It To Teach

As an educator, you have the ability to allow your students to start tinkering on their own in the program, or set up a class where you can guide them through, showing them how to do a certain project that may be required.

If you are not a part of a class, you can still opt to ‘Start Tinkering’ on the site, create a personal account, and begin designing at your own pace and convenience. Also, feel free to take advantage of the different tutorials that are offered so that you have some resources to fall back on and guide if you are just finding your way through the website.

Final Thoughts On Tinkercad

This program is truly a resource that everyone looking to get into 3D printing should take advantage of before moving into a more complex project.

Truly understanding the fundamentals of 3D printing is directly related to the success of your prints. With Tinkercad, you get that training and understanding of basic concepts around 3D printing, building basic models, and then more complex until you are ready to move into a more specialized area and further your skill level.

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