laser engraving ideas

15 Fun Laser Engraving Ideas

Whether you’re looking for some of the best laser engraving ideas, latest trends, wood projects, or cool gifts we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of cool and unique ideas for laser engraving projects that we are sure you will love.  Some projects will include custom or personalized household items, while some will be …

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how to clean laser cutter bed

How to Clean a Laser Cutter Bed – Complete Guide

As you may know a laser cutter is a manufacturing tool used in industrial production and for crafters and hobbyists.  It is a complete prototyping tool that artists, designers, and engineers need to cut and etch into flat material. They do that by sending designs into a laser cutter, which slices the materials using a …

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best laser cutter

Best Laser Cutter and Engraving Machines of 2021

The joy of creating designs you’ve only just imagined is truly unmatched. To take something from nothing and turn it into a beautiful work of art is an amazing thing.  Now this process has never been easier because this is where laser cutters can really work their magic. These advanced machines allows users to create …

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best laser engraver under 500

Best Laser Engravers under $500: Affordable Machines

Since writing this article on the best laser engravers under $500, I’ve received a lot of positive feed back from readers like yourself who have since started their laser engraving journey.  Many have even gone on to start making money with their laser engraver, and some just love making gifts for their loved ones.  Regardless …

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free laser cutter files

FREE Laser Cutter DXF / SVG Files and Templates

It is never easy to find free laser cutter projects, but we will do our best to make it as simple as possible.  Before we go on, let’s first go over some of the laser cutting file types you will want to look for.  Whether it’s an SVG, DXF, or laser file template, it is …

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the best 3-in-1 3d printer laser cnc

Best 3-IN-1 3D Printer / CNC / Laser Engraver Machine

Similar to a Swiss Army knife, the best 3-in-1 3D printer features 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC machining. These printers are fabrication tools intended for hobbyists, entrepreneurs, professionals, and makers. Only a few manufacturers have attempted this remarkable feat.  Now that it is becoming more common we can finally review these all-in-one machines for …

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cnc vs laser cutter

CNC Router vs Laser Cutter | Which is better?

Anyone one interested in becoming a Maker has gone through the process of deciding on what machine they should get.  There are a lot of possibilities depending on what you would like to accomplish.  So, that’s where it comes down to a Laser Cutter vs CNC Router.  While they’re not exactly the same, each one …

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glowforge project ideas

Glowforge Projects to Sell and Make Money

You finally decided to spoil yourself and bought a Glowforge laser cutter. Now that you finally own one, what projects should you create? Don’t fret, throughout this article, you will be given multiple Glowforge project ideas so you can experience the excitement of owning a laser cutter.  There are thousands of ideas out there, but …

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best wood for laser cutting

Best Wood for Laser Cutting: Our Favorites

Laser cutting can be very exciting as we can make our designs become a reality. However, the thing about laser cutting is that you have to determine what type of material you want to use for your design. Wood is one of the most popular laser cutter materials. Having the best wood for laser cutting …

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how does a laser cutter work

How does a Laser Cutter Work: A Technological Triumph

We’ve all probably seen a laser cutter in action. If you are like most people, the first time you witnessed it,  you were most likely filled with curiosity. We’ve all asked ourselves the question, how does a laser cutter work and how was it invented?  If that question is still itching your brain then you …

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