Can you Laser Engrave Acrylic

Can you Laser Engrave Acrylic?

Acrylic is a versatile and reliable material that works well for many DIY and professional projects. When you want a plastic-like material that holds up to environmental conditions and abuse, acrylic is an excellent choice. …

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Can You Laser Cut Foam

Can You Laser Cut Foam?

When it comes to DIY projects, foam is a highly versatile and resilient material. While foam is often not too strong or durable, it does hold its shape well and can work for a wide …

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How Hot is a Laser Cutter

How Hot is a Laser Cutter?

When it comes to machining and manufacturing, laser cutting has become the go-to option for reliability and versatility. Since lasers are easier to manipulate than cutting instruments (i.e., saws), manufacturers can create more intricate shapes. …

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Can you laser cut epoxy

Can You Laser Cut Epoxy Resin?

Now that we live in a golden age of DIY projects and tutorials, it’s never been easier for me to make the products I want rather than buy them from the store. I love 3D …

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Can You Laser Cut Kydex

Can You Laser Cut Kydex?

If you’re a weapon enthusiast, you know the value of a good sheath or holster. Whether you’re carrying a blade or a firearm, the material you use can make a world of difference. As I’ve …

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What Is Fiber Laser Cutting??

Fiber Laser Cutting Explained

Manufacturing is heavily dependent on technology. One example that has been driving innovation and efficiency is fiber laser cutting. While fiber laser cutting was developed in the 1960s, it was only in the early 2000s …

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LaserPecker 2

Your Guide to the LaserPecker 2

These days, laser engraving is much more accessible than ever before. It’s never been easier to customize various products with logos, quotes, and other engraved elements. However, what if you could have a portable engraver …

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