best mini mill

Best Mini Milling Machines of 2021

The advances in technology have brought a lot of new machines to life.  Not only are there new unique machines being made every year, but even the old industrial sized machines are now being made at a micro level. Now, enters the mini milling machine, similar to its previous models, but on a much smaller …

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best jack plane

Best Jack Planes of 2021: Top 5 Picks

When it comes to jack planes, not all are created equal.  One of the worst feelings is ruining your project with a dull plane blade, so I know now not to be too stingy with my woodworking tools. Just because it was cheap doesn’t mean it is quality made.  So to help my readers avoid …

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best engraving pens

The Best Engraving Pen – For Wood / Metal / Glass

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, every engraving pen is made the same.  Well unfortunately that’s not the case, because it’s the quality that matters.  Having a hand engraving tool that will last for a decade should be everyone’s goal when determining which one to buy.  If I’m going to be spending my hard-earned …

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best jewelry engraving machine

Best Jewelry Engraving Machines: Top 5 of 2021

A jewelry engraving machine is a very important possession for every vendor and manufacturer in the jewelry industry. Engraving jewelry, metals, and other kinds of materials is a common practice for a prolonged time. However, recent developments in technology have given rise to affordable engraving machines.  These machines are developed to solve any kind of …

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pneumatic engraver tool

Best Pneumatic Hand Engraving Tools | Our Top Picks

The art of hand engraving is slowly gaining in popularity around the world. It is one of the most ancient forms of art and is used to create amazing masterpieces. However hand engraving has come a long way since our ancestors started.  We able to take advantage of today’s technology to engrave works of art …

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