best jack plane

Best Jack Planes of 2021: Top 5 Picks

When it comes to jack planes, not all are created equal.  One of the worst feelings is ruining your project with a dull plane blade, so I know now not to be too stingy with my woodworking tools. Just because it was cheap doesn’t mean it is quality made.  So to help my readers avoid …

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wood filament 3d printer

Wood Filament: 3D Printing and Woodworking Guide

Since writing this complete wood filament guide and my favorite 3D printers for woodworking I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from those who have used this guide to make some incredible projects.  Please feel free to share your unique and creative wood filament projects with me. In a hurry… Here’s Our Top Pick A …

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best paint stripper for wood

Best Paint Stripper for Wood / Metal / and Concrete

When you are preparing to paint a wooden surface that has been painted before, you will need to use a paint remover on the wood first. This is particularly important if the wood surface has several old layers of paint that have started to deteriorate. This can leave a surface that is peeling, cracked, or …

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best wood for spoon carving

Best Wood for Carving Spoons | Our Favorites

It’s always important to have the best type of wood when carving spoons and other projects. Also, depending on the wood, carving spoons from green wood is easier than carving spoons from dry wood. So a lot depends on your skill level and the design of the spoon you intend to carve when choosing what …

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The Best Wood for Knife Handles | What made the CUT?

Often, when people discuss types of knives, they only talk about the blade and not the handle. The handle of the knife is also pretty important when you are considering which knife to buy. When you are considering the handle of a knife, there are all sorts of things to think about including variety, styles, …

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how to carve wood

How to Carve into Wood | Ultimate Wood Carving Guide

Wood carving is one of the most ancient art which is still the favorite hobby of many art-lovers. Transforming a useless piece of wood into a beautifully carved piece is one of the most wonderful feelings ever. It truly gives a sense of establishment. Although you need to learn a few wood carving skills, once …

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what is the art of wood engraving called

What is the Art of Wood Engraving: How-to-Guide

A wood engraving or a woodcut is considered as a relief printmaking technique quite similar to that of potato-printing or linocut. It is one of the hardest techniques to lay your hands on. Because the wood to be used is resilient, you can possibly run several numbers of prints. That makes it perfect for creating …

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