Best Printer for Cricut

Best Printer for Cricut Machines : Our Top 5 Picks

Creating the best Print Then Cut stickers on your favorite Cricut machine requires a quality printer with high resolution. The images you print depend on it. Vibrancy and sharpness are a must, especially if you plan on selling your creations. Finding the best printer for your Cricut machine allows you to achieve a higher quality …

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vinyl cutter under 500

Best Vinyl Cutter Under $500: Top Picks of 2021

Vinyl cutters are now a staple in the crafting community.  With better cutting machines that are more affordable than ever, it is no surprise to see the rise of vinyl cutters.  Now some of the highest quality industrial like vinyl cutters are available for a fraction of the price. No longer will you need to …

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Best Font for Cricut

Best Fonts For Cricut (FREE & Paid)

We may have come across a Cricut tool but may not have the right information and knowledge about it. Basically, Cricut is an amazing tool that is popular for all those who have an artistic bent of mind or for all those who would like to add some designs for things that they make either …

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best material for your cricut

Best Materials to use with a Cricut | Material Guide

 Cricut is a trademark of a cutting plotter or cutting machines (controlled by a computer) that are mainly used for crafts and diy projects at home. These machines are specially used to cut various types of materials used to make crafts. Some of them are paper, cloth, vinyl, leather, wood, and cardboard. Cricut has changed …

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free fonts for cricut

The 8 Best Websites for Free Cricut Fonts

There are many Cricut projects you can do with different fonts, you will get various designers out there who create the free version of their fonts for personal use.  You can download the same to Cricut, and you will be able to use the same for your crafts. You may have noticed that there are …

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what is the difference between Cricut machines

What is the Difference between Cricut Machines: A Guide

After writing this article on the differences between Cricut Machines, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on people like yourself starting their Cricut journey. Do you want to know everything about a Cricut Machine? If yes and further if you are also interested in knowing more about the features, functions and other such interesting …

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best personal hobby vinyl cutter

Best Hobby Vinyl Cutter 2021: Our Top 5 Picks

Since writing this article on the best hobby vinyl cutter, I’ve received a lot of amazing personal feedback from makers and hobbyists. Whether you are making car decals or looking for the best vinyl cutter for making t-shirts, we help you find what’s best for you personally. In this article, we will not only introduce …

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best computer laptop tablet for cricut maker

Best Computer for Cricut Maker: Our Top 3 Picks

Cricut Maker is one of the best tools for crafters and makers alike, that is currently available on the market. It helps you cut and create different kinds of crafts with full accuracy and precision, that’s why thousands of people love it. However, most computers work with a Cricut Maker, but if you want to …

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