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Best Cricut Carrying Case: 5 Top Picks

Whether you’re taking your prized machine out on the road or simply want to keep it safe and protected at home, investing in the best Cricut carrying case can prove invaluable for making sure it remains in optimum condition for as long as possible.

Still, while that in itself may sound fairly obvious, determining exactly which one of the countless cases out there is best for you and your equipment isn’t always so clear.

That’s where this guide comes in.

We’ve tested out scores of this year’s top-selling Cricut carrying cases to find the five very best of the best.

Top 5 Best Cricut Carrying Cases in 2021

Before we get into our list, it’s worth noting that you can find bags, totes and rolling storage options directly from Cricut. You can check these out on their website.

Our favorite is the tweed tote, picture below. This case comes with an elegant exterior, plus padding to protect your machine and extra pockets to organize your craft supplies. It’s even designed to stack right on top of the larger rolling tote (pictured above).

Machine Tote, Tweed


While the Cricut brand bags and storage options are great, and obviously designed specifically to carry their range of cutters, they are more expensive than other bags and cases on the market. You pay a premium for the brand name. Plus, they are often out of stock on the website.

Luckily, we’ve found that there are plenty of other carrying case options out there, and the list below includes five our favorites that will save some money while still keeping your machine and supplies in good shape.

1. HOMEST Carrying Case

HOMEST Carrying Case Compatible with Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker, Silhouette CAMEO3, Grey (Patent Design)

There’s a few very good reasons why the HOMEST Carrying Case is one of the all-time best-selling Cricut cases and why it continues to remain such a popular choice among Cricut users.

First of all, there’s the exceptional quality padding.

Made from soft yet heavy-duty material, the bag features padding on all sides with an extra-supportive cushioned base to protect it from bumps and knocks while traveling.

Then there’s the dust cover.

If you’re not planning to move around with your Cricut machine, but you do want to keep it dust-proof while at home, this is practically essential.

As if that wasn’t enough, the bag -which is compatible with the Cricut Explore Air 2- features 4 pockets, with two large enough to store all of your power cords and the others compact enough to securely hold scoring knives, pens, and other accessories.

Lightweight, durable, and affordable, you’ll find it tough to find a better bag on the market for your Air 2.


  • Features Velcro straps to keep your machine secure
  • Includes carry handle and shoulder straps for easy transportation
  • Comes in a range of attractive design options.


  • More expensive than other bags
  • Dust cover isn’t big enough for some Cricut machines like the Cameo 3.

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2. RZMAYIS Carrying Bag

Carrying Bag Compatible with Cricut Explore Air and Maker,Tote Bag Compatible with Cricut Explore Air and Supplies (Purple)

If you’ve just spent all of your money on a brand new Cricut Maker 3 and now you have little left over for a suitable carry case, the RZMAYIS Carrying Bag may be just the thing.

Our pick of the best Cricut carrying case for those on a budget, this low-cost, high-quality option is fully compatible not only with the Cricut Maker but also the Explore Air, Explore Air 2, and Cricut Explore, making it one of the most versatile bags we’ve come across.

The heavy-duty nylon provides a durable, scratch-resistant cover that will effortlessly prevent your machine from getting damaged, while the extra reinforced stitches give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your machine won’t drop out and break while on the move.

Finally, we’re big fans of the two power cord storage pockets and two top mesh pockets, perfect for housing the materials you use with your Cricut.


  • Lowest cost
  • It comes with a water-resistant dust cover
  • The case can be easily folded and stored away when not in use without losing its shape.


  • Don’t have a shoulder strap
  • Not as padded as other bags.

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3. Luxja Foldable Bag

Luxja Foldable Bag Compatible with Cricut Explore Air and Maker, Carrying Bag Compatible with Cricut Explore Air and Supplies (Bag Only), Purple

Though slightly smaller than other models, the Luxja Foldable Bag still provides enough room to securely hold your Cricut Explore Air, Air 2, and Cricut Maker.

The highlight of this one is the ample padding on all four sides as well, with a cushioned base and padded top to ensure that every inch of your machine is well protected.

Although it lacks the dust cover that many other Cricut carry cases include as standard, this padding, along with the reinforced stitching and heavy-duty nylon construction, nonetheless does an exceptional job at ensuring your Cricut remains undamaged and in good condition whether you’re on the move or at home.


  • Features sturdy carry handles and detachable shoulder strap
  • Features three pockets for pens and accessories
  • Internal storage for vinyl built-in.


  • Doesn’t have dedicated storage for power cables
  • Not suitable for Cameo models.

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4. KGMCARE Double-Layer Carrying Bag

Although aesthetic appeal may not be the most important factor people consider when choosing the best Cricut carrying case to buy, there’s no denying that the KGMCARE Double-Layer Carrying Bag is one of the best-looking options around.

Available in 17 different design options, the unique patterns and range of colors are guaranteed to turn heads and show off your own personal style as you carry your Cricut Air or Cricut Maker around with you.

Still, that’s not to say that this one is all style and no substance.

The waterproof nylon fabric is double-stitched for added reinforcement, while the double-layer design helps to keep your prized machine well-protected at all times.

Add in some sizable, zip-up pockets to store all of your craft supplies, and what you’ve got here is another solid option with an extra aesthetic flare.


  • It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Features removable padded shoulder strap
  • Larger-than-average size suits all Cricut machines.


  • It doesn’t feature padded cushions
  • Doesn’t include a dust sheet.

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5. Yorepek Double-Layer Carrying Case

Double-Layer Carrying Case for Cricut Die Cut Machine, Water-Resistant Carrying Bag with Cutting Mat Pocket, Tote Bag Compatible with Cricut Explore Air, Air 2, Maker and Maker 3(Bag Only), Floral

Much like our last pick, the floral design of the Yorepek Double-Layer Carrying Case gives it a certain aesthetic charm that truly stands out from the multitude of plain-colored options currently around.

However, what we like best about this one is just how perfectly designed it is to truly accommodate everything the Cricut fan might want to carry with them.

The main storage compartment is large enough to house the Cricut Explore Air, Air 2, Maker, and Maker 3, but really, it’s all of the extra compartments that appeal the most.

On the inside, you’ll find two zip-up mesh pouches that are big enough to hold your power cables and other essentials, while a dedicated space for pens, scissors, and other tools is also a nice touch.

Elsewhere, there’s other dedicated space to hold your vinyl, larger tools, and anything else you may need, all in a well-built, waterproof case that’s sure to provide all of the protection you need for your machine.


  • Features four rubber pads on the base plus additional cushions and padded
  • Includes two Velcro straps to hold your machine in place
  • Includes free dust cover.


  • Most expensive bag in this guide
  • Some users report that the Maker 3 is a tight fit.

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How to Choose the Best Cricut Carrying Case: A Buyer’s Guide

Double-Layer Carrying Case for Cricut Die Cut Machine, Water-Resistant Carrying Bag with Cutting Mat Pocket, Tote Bag Compatible with Cricut Explore Air, Air 2, Maker and Maker 3(Bag Only), Floral

So, we’ve whittled down the countless carrying case options out there to just five of the very best, but how did we make that decision?

More importantly, how can you decide which one of those five Cricut storage options is right for you?

To answer that question, we’ve put together the following buyer’s guide, detailing the key criteria we considered when making our selections and how each of those criteria may influence your final purchasing decision.


First and foremost, if there’s one absolutely essential thing you need to consider, it’s that the carrying case you’re thinking of buying is actually suitable and compatible for your particular machine.

After all, there’s a world of difference between Cricut machines, and not all of them are built to the same size. So, it’s vital that you check that yours is actually going to fit inside your favorite Cricut bag.

As you may have noticed, pretty much all carrying cases are suitable for models like the Explore Air and Explore Air 2. Still, if you have a different model, such as the Cricut Maker or the compact Cricut Joy, it will be important to double-check the size.

Padding and Protection

When making our selections, we gave the most points to those Cricut cases which provided ample padding.

At a bare minimum, we were looking for a cushioned bottom base to keep those machines well-protected if the bag should drop or otherwise be placed roughly on the ground. But, ideally, we wanted to see bags that had cushioned padding all the way around the sides on top.

If you’re planning to use your case to take your machine out on the road with you, then this should be an absolute top priority, as it will protect your machine from the kind of knocks and scrapes that often occur during travel.

That said, even if you’re staying home, it’s still an important factor to consider so that you can be sure your precious Cricut machine won’t get damaged while not in use.

Carrying Options

Again, this may be something that’s more important to those who are using their case for travel, but it’s worthwhile considering how you’ll be able to pick up that case and carry it around.

While pretty much every case we’ve ever seen has the standard two-strap carry handles, the best ones will often include a shoulder strap that makes it easier to carry.

Personally, we added bonus points if that shoulder strap was adjustable because, as you can probably imagine, it’s going to make carrying your Cricut that much more comfortable.

Quality and Durability

Regardless of whether you’re buying a Cricut machine, a Cricut carrying case, or a Cricut printer, quality and durability are always going to be highly important factors as you want to be sure that the product you buy is built to last.

In terms of carrying cases, durable material such as nylon will be your friend as it’s going to ensure your machine gets all the material it needs and that your bag isn’t going to suddenly break on you while also remaining lightweight enough to carry around with ease.

Wherever possible, it’s also a good idea to look for those bags that have reinforced stitching for extra protection.

Dust Cover

Though not all of them do, many of the best cases we’ve come across include an extra dust cover that slips inside the case itself and completely covers your machine.

This is especially useful for storing your Cricut at home to keep it safe from the kind of natural dust and debris that may otherwise cause significant damage, but if you’re using your case for travel, you’ll still find it a worthwhile addition.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cricut Carrying Cases

Carrying Case for Cricut Maker 3/Maker/Explore 3/Explore Air 2 (Bag Only) with Dust Cover, Cutting Mat Pocket Tote Bag for Cricut Assecories/Totem

Are Cricut carrying cases suitable for all types of Cricut machines?

Not necessarily. While a significant number are, you may find that certain cases are designed for one or two particular types of machines, so it always pays to check.

Can you store vinyl in a Cricut carrying case?

In most cases, yes. Almost all Cricut carrying cases come with pockets and zip-up pouches for storing vinyl, other materials, and any craft accessories you may need to keep with you.

Do Cricut make their own carrying cases?

Yes. Cricut has its own official carrying cases and storage options which are of high quality and are designed specifically for each type of machine they offer.

What is the Best Cricut Carrying Case to Buy in 2021?

As you’ll likely have noticed by now, any one of the top five Cricut carrying cases we’ve listed above could technically be considered to be the best of the best as they’re all of a superior quality to just about anything else on the market.

That said, you’re not looking to buy five cases. You’re only looking to buy the one, so which one should it be?

Ultimately, that all depends on what’s most important to you.

If saving money is a top priority, you’ll find a lot to like about the combination of high quality and a low price tag offered by the RZMAYIS Carrying Bag to be ideal.

If you’re looking for something with ample storage to store all of your Cricut accessories and other craft essentials, the Yorepek Double-Layer Carrying Case wins out in terms of the sheer number of pockets, pen holders, and other storage options.

Yet if what you’re really looking for is simply to get your hands on the very best Cricut case money can buy today, then look no further than the HOMEST Carrying Case, which provides exceptional protection, solid storage options, and a lightweight design all at an affordable cost.

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