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Best Materials to use with a Cricut | Material Guide

 Cricut is a trademark of a cutting plotter or cutting machines (controlled by a computer) that are mainly used for crafts and diy projects at home.

These machines are specially used to cut various types of materials used to make crafts. Some of them are paper, cloth, vinyl, leather, wood, and cardboard.

Cricut has changed the lives of thousands of people and continues to do so daily. DIY is a way in which people can express themselves through their creations.Cricut Maker Machine

The Cricut brand has been created to provide the necessary tools to all those creative people who like to do DIY projects in an easy and fun way.

Cricut machines are homemade tools used to make crafts with paper and other materials. They are smart machines that are connected to a computer, tablet, or phone to receive the chosen design. That way, it will do the necessary calculations to make precise cuts. There are a wide variety of models available for different sizes and needs. Some of them not only make cuts but can also draw and write with pens.

How Does Cricut Infusible Ink Work?

Infusible ink is a new DIY product that has incorporated the Cricut brand. This innovative ink allows you to carry out personalized heat transfers on T-shirts or other objects with a professional approach. They are represented in pens and stamped transfer sheets where ink can be transferred to other surfaces through heat.

This type of product allows designs to be made with a very light and durable finish. Infusible inks fuse with the material resulting in brilliant, accurate color transfers that will not spill or crack.

It should be noted that this range of products may not be used on all surfaces. That means that they are not suitable for all materials, so the brand has launched a series of specific products that are compatible with these inks.

As mentioned above, these products consist of markers, felt-tip pens, and transfer sheets that come in different prints and plain colors. Through these materials, the heat transfer of infusible ink is comfortable.

The operation of infusible inks is quite easy. The first thing to consider is the type of materials to use. It is important to remember that the transfer of infusible ink can only be carried out on certain special surfaces for it. This process requires substrates designed based on polyester or polymer, so it is not recommended to do it on cotton fabrics.

How Should We Use Markers or Transfer Sheets of Infusible Ink?

Once the material has been chosen, the next step would be to determine whether you want to use the markers or the infusible ink transfer sheets. Before all this, it is essential to have the design created in advance.

If your intention is to use the infusible ink sheets, then the process will be simple. The transfer sheets must be cut with the Cricut machine and then apply heat to transfer the ink to the material that we are going to use. It is important to note that you must have your design printed.

There are some models of Cricut machines capable of carrying out this task. Some of them are the Cricut EasyPress Mini, Cricut EasyPress, or Cricut EasyPress 2. If you do not have any of them, then you can use a heat press.

In the case of pens or markers, another process is implemented. The exciting thing about them is that we do not need any kind of special material. What you have to do is draw the design with the marker on a plain sheet of paper. Subsequently, you must iron the design on the surface of the material you want to decorate. An important thing to note is that the use of infusible ink markers or pens requires heat resistant tape.

Infusible ink is built to last a lifetime on the decorated surface. The best thing about this product is that people can use their creativity and develop their own designs. Anyone fond of crafts can use infusible ink.

Best Sticker Paper for Cricut

Printable sticker paper is one of the most used materials to make DIY stickers of various colors. If you want to carry out this type of process with sticker paper, it is recommended to use the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines that will allow you to precisely cut and print any image or design.

It is crucial that you prepare the design in advance. After you have it ready, you can place the printable sticker paper on a conventional printer. You have to make sure you put the adhesive paper so that it prints on the right side. Remember to identify the sticky paper’s side since it is the correct layer to print.

You must also correctly match your printed adhesive paper with your Standard grip to obtain more accurate measurements.

How to make stickers with Cricut

Once you correctly place the printed adhesive paper, put it on your Cricut machine (Maker or Explore) and select the “print” option. Then you must cut it. At this point, you must choose the various options that the Cricut machine offers you.

It is recommended to use the premium fine point knife that the machine has by default since it is the most suitable for cutting adhesive paper. If you are using the Explore model, then select the custom option and specify that you want to use adhesive paper as the material. On the other hand, if you are using the Maker model, you should only examine the materials available through their respective option and select the adhesive paper.

Once you have selected the “adhesive paper” option on any of the two Cricut machines, then you only have to press the “CUT” option for the cutting process to be carried out. When you have the adhesive paper (with the design) cut, you can then apply it by hand on the surface of the material you want to decorate.

Printable Clear Sticker Paper

There is also a printable clear sticker paper that you can use similarly to conventional adhesive paper. However, there are some small differences.

Unlike conventional printable adhesive paper, the clear one needs to match its upper corner with the top left corner of the Cricut Lightgrip, thus obtaining more accurate results.

When selecting the respective options on the Cricut machine (materials and setting options), be sure to select “printable clear sticker paper” as this is the correct setting.

It should be noted that the adhesive paper adheres well to most surfaces of the materials used by people. However, it is not reposition-able. That means that once you have attached it to the element, it cannot be modified.

It is recommended to keep printed images dry so they last longer.

Best Stencil Material for Cricut

Stencils are designs usually cut from a plastic material with the aim of superimposing it on paintable surfaces to recreate it. They are patterns, shapes, letters, numbers, phrases, and many more that can be used to obtain greater precision in each design.

They are straightforward to use. You just put the stencil on the surface, apply paint to one of the designs, and then remove it to get a recreation of that design.

There are various ways and materials to make a stencil with a Cricut machine. You can use both the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines as they will significantly facilitate the creation of stencils and allow you to make custom designs.

To find the best free fonts for your Cricut Design Space: Click Here

The first thing you should know is that the best materials to create a stencil with your Cricut machine are vinyl, contact paper, reusable mylar sheets, and transfer tape. Depending on the type of surface you are going to use, you may need a specific material for your stencil. Similarly, it is essential to note that there are both reusable and non-reusable stencils.

How to make a stencil

When creating the design of a stencil, it is recommended that you use Cricut Design Space, which is an application that works together with the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines. In this application, you can make graphics and designs of all kinds.

Next, you must determine the Cricut cutting machine stencil material that you are going to use. As we have mentioned earlier, some good options are plastic, contact paper, transfer tape, reusable mylar sheets. However, vinyl is one of the best stencil materials for Cricut machines since they are very resistant and have an additive characteristic that prevents them from moving from their place.

Materials According to the Type of Stencil

When you work with a stencil, you have to choose the one that best suits the needs of the surface you are decorating. A reusable stencil can be a great idea, so you don’t waste material and can use it in future crafts. Some elements to make this type of stencil are vinyl stencil roll film or mylar sheets. Instead, if your intention is to use materials to create disposable stencils, then some options may be removable vinyl, contact paper, and transfer paper.

Best Vinyl for Car Decals

Vinyl decals are frequently used on cars for decoration. They are quite cool and give a distinctive touch to any vehicle.  Because Cricut machines are just advanced vinyl cutters, cutting vinyl is no problem.

Many people are confused about, which is the best vinyl to make car stickers. That is due to various aspects such as its design, color, style, and durability. The latter is related to the fact that vehicles, and therefore vinyl decals, are exposed to many factors such as weather, time deterioration, or collisions with objects.

That is why it is vital to create durable vinyl car decals. A vinyl decal that can withstand the intense heat of the sun or places where heavy rain and snow are persistent can last a long time.

When choosing a type of vinyl, certain aspects must be taken into account to obtain good results. The durability of the material is an essential point, as we have said previously since the main idea is that your vinyl decal lasts for many years. Another critical factor is the type of surface where you are going to place the vinyl. Its additive features are another aspect that you have to consider to prevent it from coming off the car.

One of the concerns people have regarding vinyl decals is their resistance. When a person washes the car, the sticker is likely to peel off because it is made of poor quality. However, that does not happen with certain types of vinyl.

There are removable vinyl and permanent vinyl, the latter being the best option for automobiles.

Cricut Premium Vinyl

Cricut Premium Vinyl is a product presented by the Cricut brand, and it is ideal not only for cars but also for outdoors. That is due to the various characteristics that make it resistant and permanent. It can be used with any Cricut cutting machine.

This type of vinyl created by Cricut can be washed or exposed to high and low temperatures and still remain intact. If you want to use it to make your car decals, you have to use a Cricut vinyl cutter and the vinyl transfer tape. This tape is used to lift the decal off the backing paper and stick it on your car.

It should be noted that the Cricut Premium Vinyl only comes with a width of 12 inches.

Best Cardstock for Cricut Maker

Cricut brand cutting machines can cut almost any material no matter how thin or thick it is.

Cricut has selected a wide variety of materials that can be cut by these machines. Among these materials are various types of cardstock of different colors, sizes, and thicknesses.

Cardstock is one of the most used materials for making crafts. It is a type of sheet that is stronger and thicker than a standard sheet of paper. However, it is more flexible and lighter than cardstock sheets.

Cricut Cardstocks

This type of cardstock is thick and durable and produces excellent bolder cut lines. They are mainly used for home crafts, including school projects, ornaments, party decorations, bulletin boards, holidays, and much more. It should be noted that there are also thinner cardstock models used for certain types of crafts.

Cricut Cardstocks come with 12×12 inch textures and are ideal for large projects such as party decorations, announcements, greeting cards, etc. An important point to consider is that this type of cardstock does not contain lignin, acid, and buffer. In addition, they present a wide variety of colors to meet the needs of any project.

Like other materials, it can be cut on all Cricut cutting machines. The Cricut Maker machine is ideal for making excellent and precise cuts using this cardstock.

We must take into account the Cricut Maker machine grip mat type, as not all of them are ideal for all kinds of cardstock. These mats have been optimized to firmly hold the selected material, in this case, the cardstock.

Types of the Mat for Cricut Maker Machine

  • StandardGrip: This reusable mat is ideal for embossed and conventional size cardstock.
  • LightGrip: This type of mat is perfect for light materials, including light cardstock.
  • StrongGrip: It is used primarily for heavier materials. Thick and conventional-size cardstock can be used on this mat.

How to Cut Cardstock with a Cricut Maker Machine?

The first thing you should do is place the material on the mat of the Cricut machine. Then, select the respective option to examine all the available materials and choose the cardstock option. It should be noted that your Cricut Maker must use a Premium Fine Knife Blade to make precise cuts. To finish, just press the “CUT” option.

Best Cricut Material for Glass

Craft projects using glass are very interesting and remarkable. However, many people doubt which material is the most suitable to use. One of the most used materials for glass projects is vinyl.

There are two types of vinyl that work well with glass, but each has its features: Adhesive vinyl and Iron-on vinyl.

Adhesive vinyl is easier to use and comes in two versions: a permanent and a removable one. Ideally, use the permanent version to prevent it from peeling off the glass. If you are decorating a glass vase for a party, you might want removable vinyl since you only needed it for a certain time.

It should be noted that it is necessary to use transfer tape to transfer the design to the glass surface with adhesive vinyl. In this way, the design will not receive any type of damage.

There is another more complicated but equally effective way, and it is Iron-on vinyl. This material is permanent and works through heat transfer. In this case, it is necessary to have some technical knowledge since misapplying the heat transfer technique can break the glass.

Can Cricut Vinyl Adhere to Glass?

Some people think that this material cannot adhere to glass, but that is not true.

As we have previously said, permanent adhesive vinyl is a great option for glass projects using a suitable transfer tape. In the case of Iron-on vinyl, the results are similar. The only difference is that the heat transfer process must be carried out to adheres well to the glass.

It should be noted that the above can be done with ordinary glass (without decoration or paint), but could a Cricut vinyl adhere to a painted glass? The answer is yes.

It is vital to implement good quality paint to use vinyl on painted glass. There are special paints for glass that can be a great option in these cases.

In addition, before painting the glass, it is recommended to clean it with isopropyl alcohol and dry well. Once you do that, paint it and wait at least 24 hours to dry and fully cure.

Best Shirt Material for Cricut Iron-on

Shirts are one of the most used objects in craft projects. Many people and craft enthusiasts love doing this type of activity to create shirts with beautiful and unique designs. Cricut machines are popularly used to create these shirts.

The material used for the designs to adhere to the shirts is the heat transfer vinyl, also known as Cricut Iron-on.

This type of material is suitable for adhering to the fabric and works through heat transfer. It should be noted that there is another special Cricut vinyl that also works for these projects.

What is the Most Recommended Shirt Material for Cricut Iron-on?

We must bear in mind that not all materials are suitable to be exposed to the heat transfer technique. The most recommended is to use high-quality shirts made of 100% cotton or 100% polyester, although there would be no problem if both were a mixture. The more quality the garment has, the better the results will be with Cricut Iron-on.

Use of a Cricut Machine with Stamped Iron-on

The most important thing is to start with the creation and materialization of your idea. You can use Cricut Design Space to elaborate your design, which you will later cut either with your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machine. To do this, place the design on the cutting mat, preferably the Lightgrip.

Then adjust the settings of the Cricut cutting machine you are using. If you are using Cricut Explore, select the custom option by turning the dial and then indicate the Stamped Iron-on option. For the Cricut Maker, examine all the materials and choose Stamped Iron-on. Make sure your machine is using the premium fine point blade.

Finally, indicate the options necessary to cut the design you have created.

What Type of Iron is Recommended?

Many people use irons or heat presses as they provide more control. However, Cricut offers several machines that can do this job exceptionally and easily:

  • Cricut EasyPress
  • Cricut EasyPress 2
  • Cricut EasyPress Mini

Tips and Tricks

  • Iron the design on a flat surface for good results.
  • When washing your custom shirt, be sure to do it from the inside out to avoid damaging the decor.
  • If you notice that the material is peeling off the shirt, just iron it again.

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Best Cricut Blade for Cutting Felt

Felt is a non-woven textile material in the form of a sheet and has a coating that provides it with waterproof and resistant properties. This material is widely used among Cricut users to carry out specific craft projects.

There are several felts in the world of different colors, sizes, and textures. Some of them are handmade acrylic felts, which are usually inexpensive, soft, and fluffy. In addition, they come in a wide variety of colors. However, there is another widely used among users of this brand, Cricut Felt.

Knife Blade Replacement Kit

Cricut Felt comes in a 12×12 size and is made to be cut easily. The advantage of this type of material is that it does not shed much lint. However, it is usually stiffer than other types of felt, which can make certain craft projects difficult.

An important point to note is that you cannot cut the felt with any Cricut blade.

There are several types of blades that are used for different kinds of materials, depending on their thickness and structure. In addition, its use will also depend on the type of machine, either Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore.

How to Cut Felt with Cricut Cutting Machines?

The first thing you need to determine is the type of Cricut blade and machine you will be using.

Using the Cricut Explore machine, it is recommended to use the fine point blades series to cut the felt, specifically the deep cut blade. It is made of hard and strong steel and has a 60-degree angle. It is the most suitable blade for cutting rigid felt with the Cricut Explore.

On the other hand, the Cricut Maker machine must also use the deep cutting blade to cut felt. However, the rotary blade can also be used for these purposes. It is a tool capable of making precise and customizable cuts that you cannot get with other knives. The rotary blade can cut almost any fabric quickly.

Once you have selected your tools, you must access the configuration of your Cricut machine and choose the type of blade with which you want to make the felt cut.

Best Glue to Use for Cricut Cards

Cards are one of the most used items among Cricut users in their craft projects. It is very common for people to give each other greeting cards as a reason to celebrate an event.

Crafting a card requires imagination and, of course, Cricut tools. One of the biggest concerns when carrying out this kind of project is the type and quality of the glue. Ideally, use an adhesive that does not discolor the decoration of the card, and that does not lose its adhesive properties.

There are several types of glues that work well to glue these cards. One of them is PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol), which is used in a wide variety of DIY projects, including the creation of Cricut cards. This type of glue is white and remains transparent when it dries (after application to the desired area). However, it is recommended not to use too much PVA on the elements of the card since it could warp the paper or cardboard.

Hot Glue

Hot glue is also a good option for gluing ribbons to handmade cards. Using this type of adhesive will require a glue gun to melt the bars.

The glue stick is one of the most popular and used for DIY projects. It is a bar that must be moved from top to bottom or from left to right repeatedly over the area and the element you want to apply the adhesive. It is not recommended to use a glue stick on small items; however, this adhesive is suitable for gluing cardstock and foil.

Keep in mind that if you are working with a card with fine decorative details, the glues mentioned above may not work for you. Therefore, it is essential to know that there are some products to carry out these tasks. One of them is the glue pen used in the same way as a conventional pen. It is excellent for fine work.

Must have Cricut Hand Tools

Being a Cricut user does not only mean having and knowing how to use cutting machines. Keep in mind that this brand goes further.

Any DIY enthusiast who wants to carry out artistic projects at home must have a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine and have the Cricut hand tools offered by the brand. These tools will allow you to perform a large number of tasks during your DIY projects.

Below, you will know some of the most useful tools to use in your projects.


This tool is essential when using your Cricut cutting machine. It is used to remove any residue that is stuck on the mat. The scraper also works to remove air bubbles.


It is one of the most used tools when doing Cricut DIY projects. As its name implies, the weeder is used to weed out the excess material from your design after cutting with your Cricut machine. There are several types of weeding machines that can be useful, depending on your needs.

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.


This tool’s main function is to apply fabric to the cutting mats of a Cricut Maker machine. However, it can also be used for fabric removal; that is, it removes wrinkles, bubbles, or creases quickly and easily.

Another function is to press the materials on the cutting mat, such as vinyl, fabric, or iron-on.

Portable Trimmer

This versatile tool allows you to cut certain types of materials in a straight line easily. It will enable us to measure and align the elements to make more exact cuts. A portable trimmer will help you save a lot of time.

TrueControl Knife

These knives are an excellent choice for cutting a wide variety of materials by hand. Some of them are paper, fabric, plastic, cardstock, and more. It comes in a package with five replacement blades for you to change. This tool has a rubber handle that allows the user to have greater control and comfort to make the cuts.

The Cricut brand also offers a kit that includes some of the tools that have already been mentioned above. This toolkit is an excellent option for people who are just entering the world of Cricut.


Cricut is an excellent brand that will allow all craft fans to make different types of projects according to their needs. Having and knowing how to use Cricut cutting machines will make your creations look incredible.

Knowing each of the materials and how to use them represents a great advantage for Cricut members. Car stickers, greeting cards, party decorations, glass decorations, and custom shirts are some of the fantastic things you can do with Cricut tools.

The innovations the brand has made over the years in cutting machines, tools, and materials have allowed people around the world to create custom things in a professional way from home.

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