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The 8 Best Websites for Free Cricut Fonts

There are many Cricut projects you can do with different fonts, you will get various designers out there who create the free version of their fonts for personal use. 

You can download the same to Cricut, and you will be able to use the same for your crafts. You may have noticed that there are free fonts for Cricut, and some you have to pay for. Buying the same will give you quick access to your crafts, as this art is an expensive hobby so you might have to spend a bit more than you have expected. However, you can always choose the free ones and save money. Here, check out the list of free fonts and how you can download them.

Things to look in free fonts

Some fonts are strictly for personal use. You will not be able to sell them. Then, some are for commercial use and come with a license. This means you can sell the crafts made with these. Moreover, you have to be sure that you get the license terms, otherwise, you will end up selling one type of product. For instance, if you use a free font to sell some t-shirts, and you want to use the same font on a towel, you have to buy another license for that. Overall, you need to check the license so you don’t face any issue, and you have to keep track of the personal fonts. 

The Best Free Font sites

There are so many free fonts for vinyl cutters and Cricut, and you have to know the sites. It can include personal and commercial use fonts. So, let’s’ check them out. 

Creative Fabrica

The main secret of this site is, you will get an offer of 300 days and you can get a commercial license with the fonts too. You have to check the notifications when you sign up with the site, and you will get unlimited commercial fonts for free. 

The Hungry Jpeg

This place is to get a bunch of free fonts at once. You will get bundles of the same, and you can choose from the packs. In the offers, you will get personal and commercial fonts. Also, when you sign up with the site, you will get great freebies. 

Creative Market

This site updates 6 free fonts every week, and they are good ones too. However, their license is limited, so you have to search for that. You can wait for the same after a week or so. 


This is one of the most popular places to find fonts for Cricut. This site has the free version for various fonts, and the creators give them for free to get exposure. However, not all flourish and glyphs are free, but the base letters are available, so you can try them before you buy them. Also, make sure you get the license from it. 

1001 Free Fonts

This website is user-friendly and has a simple filtering system so that you can narrow down your selection to a single one you are interested in. You will get free fonts, and they are all of good quality. 

Urban Fonts

This free font site has a reverse background, which is great for the quick visualization of the letters as a cutout for the crafts. 

Font Squirrel

Font squirrel has some useful tags and categories for the users of Cricut and vinyl cutters, such as marker stencil and so on. This will help you shortlist the fonts you need for your craft and the style you want for it. 

Font Bundles

You will get some great bundles from this site. The fonts are displayed with illustration and graphics, so it can inspire you for the crafts. You can check this place from time to time, and you will get different free fonts for the Cricut app. 

Installing of Free Fonts in Cricut

Installing free fonts in the Cricut design space using your computer, it’s a simple, but it can be more difficult using your tablet or smartphone. Knowing how to upload a font to Cricut Design Space is your next step.

Installing fonts on Cricut design space on your PC

After you upload the fonts you want, open the zip file by double click. The format of fonts is available in two types, true and open. The second one was developed by Adobe and includes a large set of characters. 

When you are downloading fonts with several glyphs, you have to install an open type font to allow the glyphs. Sometimes there is only one true font type available, and this includes the basic set of characters. You need to click two times on the zip file, and click on, “install’ button at the top part of Windows. If you have kept the Cricut design space window open all this time, you have to close and reload it to install the fonts properly. 

Install free Cricut fonts for Android, iPhone, iPad devices

Knowing how to use downloaded fonts on your Cricut is a very important step. However, this is a complicated process for your Android or iPhone devices. You can make this part easier if you download an app for help.

After you install the application, look for the font finder button. This will give you access to the numerous free fonts sources like Dafonts, and other sites. From the folders, you can choose the one you want and install it. You will get steps for the installation in your device, and at last, you have to allow the process.

Accessing special characters and glyphs in Cricut design space

You won’t find any difference when you access the special characters on any other app. You have to open the character map, for the computer, this thing is under the system tools. As people use a different OS, you can use the search function to find it. Using this you will find the file explorer. After that select the This PC button.

Then, use the search prompt in the top left corner of the file explorer, and search for the Character map. Here, you will get the drop-down menu, and you can select the font you want to use. After this choose the special character, copy it, and then paste it in the text box. 

Make sure to find help from the above points. Also, check out the installation procedure of free fonts for Cricut design space, and make great crafts.

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