How to Prevent Burning when Laser Cutting -

How to Prevent Burning when Laser Cutting

Wood is one of the most common materials that is used when laser engraving and cutting. One of the most common issues that folks face when engraving wood is finding laser cutter burn marks around the edges of the cut, which leaves the finished product looking messy and unattractive. So let’s take a look at the steps you can take to prevent burning when laser cutting.

How to Laser Engrave Metal -

How to Laser Engrave Metal: A Detailed Guide

Laser engravers are tools that allow the user to, as the name suggests, engrave an object using the power of a concentrated laser. It is popular amongst DIY arts and crafts enthusiasts, and also has some more industrial applications, like engraving license plates. So let’s take a look at how to laser engrave metal to get you going.

Dremel LC40-03 Laser Cutter Review -

Dremel LC40 Laser Cutter Review

Lasers cutters are suitable for many professions, from growing your business to being used in the classroom for demonstration. A high-quality laser cutter can help you cut materials into any pattern or design, as per your specifications. One of the most popular cutters is the Dremel Laser Cutter. Let’s take a look and find out what all the hype is about.

Orion Motor Tech Laser Engraver Review -

Orion Motor Tech Laser Engraver Review

There is no shortage of cleverly designed machinery on the market these days. Some equipment is more useful than others, and each one can ease your workload and can provide shortcuts in some way or another. Some can also prove to be valuable tools to accomplish your goals, from designing a gift to decorating your house with your engravings. It could even be used to start a business. In this article, we take a look at the Orion Motor Tech Laser Engraver, and we will investigate whether it deserves your attention and money!

glowforge plus review

Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer Review 2021

Do you think it’s time to color your life, to give a new soul to your home, to surprise the loved ones? Perhaps, it is just time to manifest your creativity! Even if you are not an elite artist, it is possible to do that yourself without much trouble. All you need is a 3D Printer, which can help you make all those dreams reality. If you are just starting out with 3D printing, this might be the exact product you need. Let’s check it out!

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