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3D Printed Picture Frames: 20 Creative Examples

Memories replay in our minds, but they can also be remembered physically. If you’re looking for the perfect 3D printed picture frame to capture your favorite memory, look no further than our curated list.

These 3D printed picture frames are unique and can be customized to fit whichever occasion you want to remember most.

We’ve ordered each of the 3D printed frames into various categories, depending on the style of the frame. Which ones will you print?

Traditional 3D Printed Frames

Baroque 3D printed frame

The printed frames in this section resemble what you’d find on most walls. While they may seem plain, they emphasize the memory more than their presence.

  • Baroque: This portrait frame includes leafy curlicues that resemble what you’d see in an old locket. It’s also thin enough to be stuck on a card or scrapbook page if desired. There is no backing available for this print.
  • Keepsake: With a thick frame and small details here and there, this print emphasizes the picture within. You’ll have to come up with a backing system to seal this memory.
  • Bare Bones: Not a fan of picture frames? This basic frame print includes just the four corners to encase your memory. It prints in five pieces which snap together to create a frame and backing in one.
  • Portrait: Old-fashioned mirrors encircled beauties way back when and here and now. This ornate photo frame includes decorative swoops and flairs to lend a sense of elegance to whatever (or whoever) may be framed within.
  • Whimsical: Tiny frames with a few decorations can highlight a memory just as well as a flowery one. With this 3D printed frame for phtos, your memory will be encased in a simple frame stylized with elegant curlicues.
  • Mini: Whether you place it on its side or stand it up tall, this mini picture frame does justice to any size memory. Landscape or portrait, this frame includes a backing as well.
  • Dynamically curved: If you’re looking to add a bit of definition to your photos to really set off the scene, this dynamic frame adds a sense of flair. The curved edges and lines detailed around the opening give depth even as the steps in the frame itself draw the eye in closer.

Basic isn’t always boring with these 3D printed picture frames. With a little sanding, paint, staining, or some other finishing process, simple 3D printed materials can take on a new life.

Measurement Specific 3D Printed Frames

4x6 3D print picture frame

Looking for a particular size when it comes to 3D printed photo frames? Here’s a short list of a few common photo sizes.

  • 4 X 6: This picture frame isn’t just a simple 4 X 6 photo holder. Instead, it’s a frame that can be customized by choosing a particular infill pattern as well as the backing plate. When light is placed behind the frame, the backing plate can be seen from the front.
  • Quadruple 4 X 6: Formed in a landscape orientation, this set of four 4 X 6 frames looks very much like a window frame. The print itself consists of two pieces: the back plate with dual stabilizing feet and a front cover.
  • Portrait/Landscape 4 X 6: The basic version of this photo frame stands at landscape. However, you can also take a look at the remix version for a portrait rendition. Dual bands in the back provide a moveable support frame and a base at the bottom allows this picture frame to recline slightly.
  • 5 X 7: This simple picture frame combines the stand and the frame itself. There is no backing plate but you can easily glue the picture in and snug it into the built-in channel. This is also a great template if you’re looking for a base to add personal touches to.

You don’t always have to choose a particular size when it comes to framing your portraits. Instead, you can cut down the photo to fit or, alternatively, adjust the size of the print to accommodate.

3D Printed Frames with a Message

Love Message 3D Picture Frame

Sometimes a picture doesn’t say everything in 1,000 words.

  • We Love U: This small picture frame includes the words “WE,” “LOVE,” and “U” on the bottom edge. It can be printed in various colors or painted after printing for customization. You will have to create your own backing or glue the picture into the recesses of the frame for final assembly.
  • Four-sided Text: With text on all four sides, this 3D printed frame gives meaning to the memory within. You can customize both the message and the font with a few tweaks to represent your feelings about the photo and what it depicts.

These 3D printed frames add the right touch of text for the occasion.

Special Occasion 3D Printed Frames

Holidays together make great memories, so remember them with these special 3D printed picture frames.

  • Mother’s Day: Time with Mom will be frozen forever in this printed frame. A “#1” and “MOM” adorn the frame, leaving no doubt about how you feel about the woman in your life. There are three tabs printed into the stand, which prints separate from the frame itself.    
  • Valentine’s Day: The love connection you share surrounds itself with hearts in this printed frame, which has double borders to emphasize your passion.
  • Anniversary: Want to remember a special trip on your anniversary? Print this frame, which includes the word “LOVE” split up in the middle of four picture frames. It also includes the backing in the print, which can be attached with glue in assembly.
  • Fridge magnet: It may not be a special occasion recognized by a large number of people, but aren’t refrigerators made for those special moments we’re proud of? With this miniature frame, any memory takes center stage. Simply print the frame and backing plate, which is cut out for a circular magnet to be placed within a three-by-three grid.

Stylized 3D Printed Frames

Celtic Design 3D Printed Photo Frame

When a memory calls for a particular design, check out these stylized printed frames.

  • Lissajous: Life doesn’t happen in a straight line, so why should your frame be restricted to such a demand? Spice things up with this Lissajous design that includes a combination of variations to choose from.
  • Celtic: Surrounding memories with the traditions you live by can make them that much more special. The stylized lines in this print include a third dimension to give depth to the photo as well.
  • Steampunk: The gears on this 3D printed frame can stack on top of one another or be placed throughout the frame for effect. Since the gears print separate from the frame and backing, you can easily print them in different colors.

How many 3D prints have you saved already? Don’t worry, there’s always time for printing these keepsakes.

Perfect Prints for Your Printed Memories

We hope you’ve found this article on 3D printed picture frames useful in encasing your memories for years to come. Each of these prints can be customized to fit your style, whether you print them in a particular color, paint them afterwards, or perform some other customization process. Your imagination sets the tone.

Which prints will you try out and customize? Are there any frames you’ll be printing for birthday or Christmas gifts?

You’ll notice that we selected from Thingiverse. But there are several other 3d model repositories to look at if you want to try something different. Have a look at this list of these Thingiverse alternatives to see other options.

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