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3D Printed Slugs: 11 Types and Examples

There are quite a few things that you can create using a 3D printer. A 3D printed slug is certainly one of these things. You can find 3D printed slugs in a variety of different colors and shapes, as well.

Additionally, these items come in many different sizes, too, so you can find one that is right for you. One thing that you should know about these is the fact that it will probably take you quite some time to print them if they are properly articulated.

As a result, articulated slugs are not the best project for you if you want something you can create quickly and easily.

Friendly Articulated Slug

There are many different examples of slugs made by 3D printers that you can find. However, this one stands out because it is an item that includes plenty of articulation. This slug is unique because it includes a joint that prints in place and offers plenty of freedom of movement.

You will also find that you cannot see any of its internal components, either. This also adds to its uniqueness. This slug also does not require any support, either, so you can create it and use it more easily, too. You can get this slug in a variety of different colors, as well.

Dual Extrusion Articulated Slugs

Another type of a 3D printed slug you can discover is a slug that includes multiple different colors. These slugs are one such type of slug that is multi-colored. In addition, these slugs are also articulated, so they are fairly flexible, too.

The models that you use to create these slugs are also manifold models. One thing that you do have to keep in mind with these particular slugs is that you can only create them using a dual extrusion 3D printer. However, as long as you have one, this can be a fun project for you.

Banana Slug

The banana slug is one of the bigger slugs that you can find in the wild if you live in the Pacific Northwest. They can grow up to eight inches in length. This banana slug is a recreation of the real banana slug that you can find in nature.

You should also know that this particular slug made by a 3D printer is made out of plastic. It is best to make sure that you include a wide enough base for the eyestalks of the slug. This slug was printed by a MakerBot 3D printer.

Articulated Long Slug

You can also find longer slugs made by 3D printers, as well. This is one of them. This articulated long slug also includes flexible joints so that it feels more realistic.

You can get this slug in a variety of different lengths, as well. The short length type of this slug means that it includes six segments. The normal length version means that it includes a total of 10 segments and the long length version of it has a total of 14 segments included in it.

Flexible Articulated Slug

This is another one of the many articulated slugs that you can find. One notable feature of this particular flexible articulated slug is that its eyestalks face the ground instead of looking up. It is also worth noting that its eyestalks are a part of its head segment instead of being a separate piece of the slug altogether.

This slug looks good and its flexible joints can also make it fun to play with, too. You can print this out in many different colors. If you want to make it have a realistic amount of weight, you can print it out with 100% infill if you wish.

XXL 38 Cm Slug

You might want a bigger slug, too. If so, there are plenty of options for bigger slugs that you can find. This XXL 38 centimeter slug is one slug that you can choose if you want a larger slug.

This slug is similar to the flexible articulated slug mentioned above. However, this slug is much bigger, since it is approximately 38 centimeters long. Another thing to note about this particular slug is that it will take you about three hours and fifteen minutes to print it out.

That is with an Anycubic 3D printer. The resolution is 0.2 millimeters and the infill is 20% if you want to make it yourself.

Dire Slug

Maybe you like to play tabletop games, but you are tired of the same old enemies appearing in low-level dungeons. If so, you can check out this dire slug. This unique 3D printed slug is yellow and red and includes two eyestalks.

You can just put the dire slug by itself to use in your favorite tabletop game. However, if you would prefer to use a base instead, you can do so. This dire slug is made so that it fits a 25-millimeter base well.

The dire slug comes with blue eyes in its eyestalks and a blue mouth, as well. It has yellow spots on its back, too, which make it even more one-of-a-kind.

7-8 Segment Articulated Slug

This slug stands out from other 3D printed slugs because it is made up of more segments than many other slugs. This particularly articulated slug includes between seven and eight different segments. All of these segments mean that this slug enjoys plenty of freedom of movement.

This particular slug is blue, as well. It also includes a pointed tail segment, too. You will see that this slug has flexible joints, too.

Banana Slug Pendant

Maybe you are looking for a slug pendant, instead. This could be a great choice for you. This banana slug pendant includes a ring so that you can use it as a pendant on your key chain.

This banana slug pendant comes in two different hues of gold: CC3D Silk Gold and Hatchbox Gold. Either way, its gold color makes it quite a unique pendant. You can create this yourself with a 3D printer using a resolution of 0.1 millimeters and an infill of 20%.

Fidget Toy Slug

3D printed slugs are certainly one choice if you are looking for a unique toy. This slug was made by a 3D printer and comes in a variety of different sizes. It is also an articulated slug and includes flexible joints so that it has freedom of movement, as well.

You can choose from four different sizes. The small-sized version of this slug is roughly seven inches long and the medium-sized version of it is approximately nine inches. The large version is approximately 11 inches long and the extra-large version is roughly 12 inches long.

Color Changing Slug

You can also find a 3D printed slug that changes from one color to another, as well. This articulated slug can do exactly that. It is made from PLA plastic.

You can choose to get these slugs in a number of different colors, depending on your preference. These are available in four different sizes. Those sizes are medium (roughly five inches long), large (roughly six inches long), extra-large (roughly seven inches long), and jumbo, which is roughly eight inches long.

You can choose to receive them after they have been primed and painted. However, you can also choose to color them yourself instead. Either way, they can make fun desk toys or fidget toys.

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