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Axiom CNC Review | Iconic / ARPro V5 / Elite Series

If you are looking for the right CNC machines to either replace your manual machine or buy a new one, then you will find this article interesting and informative. Though there are many CNC machine manufacturers in the market. However, only a few of them have been able to stand out from the others.

One such company name is Axiom CNC Machines. Which, in this article, we will go through a comprehensive review of each Axiom Precision CNC Router.  The goal here is to help the readers like yourself to get to know more about these three popular CNC routers. We are sure that this review will help customers to have a better idea about these models. We also will share a brief overview of this company and then move on to the reviews.

Axiom CNC Precision

Over the years, Axiom CNC Machine Company has graduated into being a big name when it comes to manufacturing quality cutting tools that are used across many industries and applications. Their products are used in various industries including plastic, woodworking, architects, set, and stage builders amongst many others. Their CNC machine end products are also commonly used in aviation industries, boating and also for recreational vehicles.

They have one of the largest collection of different types of cutting tools and other such products. The products are known for their quality and low prices.

The company is successful in a highly competitive and demanding market place because of a few obvious reasons. They believe in offering nothing but 100% customer satisfaction to their clients. Further, they have the best infrastructure, factory, manufacturing facilities, and R&D facilities. Therefore, they will be able to cater to varying needs and requirements of the clients taking into account their needs and requirements. They offer both readymade and customized solutions keeping in mind the exact needs and requirements of their clients.  You can be sure that you will find us a one-stop solution for everything related to CNC machines.

When comparing the Axiom CNC vs. Laguna, we feel the Axiom matches the quality and build well.  Most 2×4 CNC routers like the CAMaster,will be much more expensive compared to Axiom.  After review, we are sure it will help us to know what the features are of these machines and also the pros and cons that are part of each of these machines.

Axiom Precision ARPro Series Review

Let us get started by doing a review of Axiom Pro V5.  This is from the famous Pro V5 series. It is feature-rich and we are listing down a few reasons why it could be a good buy.

The good thing about PROV5 is that it comes with a fresh and completely new look. They are faster, easier, and stronger and therefore easier to maintain. It comes with 4 axis capability and the powerful spindle performance is worth mentioning. It also has a built-in rotary machining capability. All these and more make it a completely compact industrial CNC machine. The machines also come with a complete 6.5-inch gantry clearance. The 3HP electro spindle accompanied by a superb liquid cooling system is also a big takeaway.

The CNC router comes with a number of accessories. Apart from the main router, you also get a DSP pendant controller, liquid cooling system, electro spindle, and owner’s manual. Further, it also has an overall weight of 405.000 along with a number of other important features. On the whole, there are reasons to believe that this is a faster, more efficient, stronger, and easier to maintain machine when compared to other such equivalent machines in the market. This updated PRO V5 series comes with 4 axis capability and the spindle is extremely powerful. It also can be considered a complete rotary machining unit and the end-users are also satisfied with its overall size and compactness.


  • 48v Stepper Motors
  • It has an improved cooling system.
  • Upgrade VFD.
  • Prewired to be compatible with the optional Rotary Kit.
  • The integrated MDF spoil boards help to safely machine your part.

Size Availability

  • 24” x 24”, 24” x 36”, and 24” x 48”


  • A number of new features
  • Has three footprint options (24×24 inches, 24×36 inches and 24 x 48 inches)
  • It does not need a computer to operate the CNC machine
  • Interlocking aluminum table.
  • High-quality precision ball screwing system.


  • A bit on the expensive side.

Axiom Precision Iconic Series Review

The cheapest of the three axiom series, the Iconic is a solid choice for most woodworkers and hobbyists. For those who are looking for a high-quality entry-level CNC router, there are reasons to believe that the renowned Axiom Iconic could be an ideal choice. It certainly is considered to be a low-cost option. It has been able to win many hearts of many customers because of its accuracy, toughness, rigidity, and speed. All these were the domain of expensive CNC routers by this model may have changed it all. It also comes with some stunning new features and these include the high quality and tough steel stand and also the generous toolbox. It also has some impressive laser accessories to make it a complete value for money buy.

The users will like the all-metal construction as well as the heavy-duty interlocking aluminum table. There are also other interesting accessories that are a part of this machine. They include a toolbox and an optional stand. The 1 HP electro spindle that is air-cooled also comes with a variable speed of around 0 to 24,000 RPM. The overall dimension of this CNC machine is 40x37x15 inches. The high-quality steel body is also rust and corrosion resistant and is durable and long-lasting. The DSP pendant controller that is used on larger machines is also a part of this machine and this certainly is a big takeaway.


  • USB port for simple transfer of files.
  • Pendent DSP attached.
  • Electro spindle of 800 W running on 1.1 HP.
  • Ball screw across all axes
  • Prismatic guides.
  • Proximity switches with magnetic capability.
  • The table surface comes with extruded aluminum.
  • MDF sacrificial spoil board.

Size Availability

  • 24” x 24” and  24” x 48” working area


  • No PC required
  • The steel frame is rigid, corrosion-free and rust-free.
  • Lifetime technical support
  • One of the cheapest in its range.
  • Superb value for money.


  • Might compete with its existing brands.
  • Not the best of customer support.

Axiom Precision Elite Series Review

There are reasons to believe that the Axiom Elite is one of the most advanced CNC routers in the market today. It is a perfect combination of torque, speed, and precision. Perhaps these three combinations together are found only in servo-driven machines. For example, it can cut at an amazing 320 IPM, and at the same time, it can also maintain awesome repeatability of .05 mm. Another impressive feature includes the 3HP electro spindle combined with an integrated liquid cooling system.

Amongst the many features, the 8 inches Z travel capacity is something that makes it quite different from other such machines in the market today. The machine uses high quality 20 mm precision ball screws along with trusted and proven prismatic guides. The thick, tough and long-lasting frame is also a big reason why it continues to be quite popular amongst many users. The MDF spoil boards are also well integrated with the machine. This also promises the exact precisions that you need. It is possible to do quality flat milling.

The ability to have a true 4×4 CNC router is something that is hard to pass up.


  • Travel X Axis 610 mm and 1210 mm (different models)
  • Y-axis travel is 48 inches while Z-axis travel is 748 inches.
  • 2.2 kW electro spindle
  • Spindle speed – 0 to 24000 RPM
  • Rapid feed rate – 320 IPM

Size Availability

  • Comes in two sizes 24” x 48” and 48” x 48” (610 mm and 1210 mm)


  • Overall a nice machine
  • The turbine is just fantastic
  • Long-lasting and durability.
  • Good value for money.


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • The availability of spare parts is a headache.

Axiom CNC Router Comparisons

Our Top Pick

Editor’s Rating

Axiom  Precision ARPro CNC

A heavy-duty machine that is built-in with a 4th Axis ready option.  The ARPro V5 series is one of the best we have reviewed.  Easy enough for beginners and packed with enough features for any pro.

When it comes to a new look CNC router that offers to move gracefully into the new looks and performance, then the ARPro V5 could be the right choice. It works without the need for a PC and the same is the case with the other two models, versus the Axiom Iconic and Axiom Elite. The Pro V5 and Axiom Elite are available in two sizes while Axiom Iconic as of now has only one size to offer. Apart from the above, all three machines are the same in terms of performance, capability, warranty, and other such parameters.


With so many CNC routers available out there having the same functions and specifications and features making the right choice is not easy. However, we are of the belief that we have been able to shed some light on the three models that have been reviewed. We hope you enjoyed our review of the Axiom Iconic, ARPro, and Elite series CNC routers.

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