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VCarve Pro vs Aspire : CNC Router Software Comparison

Being able to accurately print on a CNC router is critical for many 3D images. When you need to take your printing up a level, you need to have adequate software to make this change and be successful.

Knowing which software to use in order to get that successful print can be determined based on a few deciding factors.

Two of the most popular options are VCarve Pro and Aspire, which give you the option to upgrade from a 2.5D toolpath print to full 3D images with modeling tools and editing options.

Below you can find the differences between VCarve Pro vs Aspire and determine which one is the right CNC software option for you.

What is VCarve Pro?

VCarve Pro Software

This VCarve Pro software is designed to both create the parts your need and be able to cut them, especially through the use of VCarving. The VCarve Pro is an upgraded software from VCarve Desktop that provides additional functions.

Many customers just go straight for this update without doing essential research on all of the program options. For your 3D prints, you have the ability to include both the 2D and the 2/5D toolpath options on your print for the finish that you are looking for.

No matter which toolpath you use, there is an option to customize different options, altering the settings and maintain the control through different operations.

What is Aspire?

Aspire Software

Also a software option, Aspire is available for different techniques such as drilling, pocketing, and profiling on your prints. The additional 3D designs available to aid your relief models paired with the 2D editing give printers a unique option for creating prints from scratch.

VCarve Pro vs Aspire

If you are on the fence about moving up from 2D prints to 3D, then chances are you have looked into software upgrades and found yourself deciding between VCarve Pro vs Aspire. There are some similarities and differences between these two programs.

2D Import Options

For many 3D prints, the ability to do a 2D import is critical during design.

Both the VCarve Pro and the Aspire programs offer this option, with layout tools and even a total inclusion of 2D designs. The editing tools with Aspire, however, bring the layouts over in a cleaner transition, allowing less manipulation in the editing process.

With VCarve Pro, the import SketchUp 3D models must come in through a single model import, which varies from what Aspire offers.

2.5 Toolpath Options

If your piece needs to take advantage of different toolpaths such as optimized pocketing, quick engraving, or other options, both of these programs also carry this similarity between the two.

With the VCarve Pro, however, the access to sizes in these toolpaths is unlimited, giving many printers the option and uniqueness they need in order for a successful print later.

This is not offered with Aspire, with there being a maximum size allowed for the toolpath options.

Both of these programs, however, do have access to and offer a variety of templates for the different toolpath options. The toolpaths can be merged and then simulated for your printing needs.

Create Parts From Scratch

While VCarve Pro does require the use of a template base or more merged together in order to create your design, the 3D editing options available from Aspire allow you to build your custom part from scratch, if necessary. This is an essential feature for some makers who may need to truly build a print from the ground up and then mass-produce at a later time.

Carrying a Tool Database

Having access to the different tools and features you need to make your print successful can be a deciding factor for someone looking to obtain new software. If you are comparing these VCarve Pro vs Aspire then you will find that both meet tool database expectations and are similar in nature.

Clipart Options

Many designs take advantage of available Clipart in their pieces as a way to add another layer of creativity. Both VCarve Pro and Aspire offer free Clipart to customers in 2D and 3D options. The amount, however, does vary.

For VCarve Pro, this amount equals about $2000 worth in total images while Aspire has about $5000 in Clipart availability.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering making a software upgrade between VCarve Pro vs Aspire, you need to keep in mind several things about your intended projects: size, customization and Clipart usage.

Most of the major features of these two programs are similar and you can do most of your toolpath projects with either one.

If you do need a certain size, however, you may need to consider VCarve Pro since Aspire has limits on its toolpaths.

No matter which program you choose, both are expected to meet and satisfy your printing expectations, allowing you to design and build the parts you need.

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