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What is Kapton Tape? Exploring its Properties and Applications

Kapton tape is a form of polyimide film that remains stable in the most extreme temperatures. It is used in many machines, devices, and advanced systems, including spacecraft, satellites, and printed circuits.

Professional designers, manufacturers, and ordinary people use Kapton tape. It is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals. It is also widely available. You can find it retail outlets of various kinds.

In this post, we’ll explore the basics of Kapton tape and its application in 3D printing.

How is Kapton Tape Used?

Kapton Tape

Kapton tape is used mostly as insulation in electrical devices. It has been used to insulate capacitors and transformers, electrical coils, and magnetic wires. It can also be used as a temperature mask during powder coatings.

What is the Background?

The tape was developed by DuPont in the late 1960s. It was created in response to the increasing popularity of other types of polyamide tapes. The tape is known to have played a key role in the later Apollo lunar missions.

The tape is used in the following industries:

1. Automotive

The tape is used for insulation and heat resistance in automobiles. It is most often deployed to wrap coils, diaphragms, and switches in seat heaters so that they remain at a set temperature and do not burst into flames.

2. Aircraft

Kapton tape is used in military and commercial aircraft. The lightness of the tape is a great benefit in the building of aircraft, as it does not add extra weight.

3. Medical Technology

The tape is used for the window of X-Ray machines. Because of Kapton tape’s resistance to heat and other forms of energy, it is little degraded by radiation.

4. Space Technology

The tape is also used in spacecraft to keep onboard systems at a consistent temperature. It tends to hold up in a vacuum, which makes it the tape of choice for emergent problems. In 2018, Kapton tape was used to temporarily fix a leak on the International Space Station.

Technical Details and Special Properties

Kapton tape remains stable in temperatures that range from -452 to +673 degrees Fahrenheit. How heat resistant is the tape? It has been tested and has been found to work in temperatures as high as 752 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kapton tape has strong hydrogen bonds, which makes it not only heat resistant but chemical resistant as well. How chemical resistant? This, too, has been tested. The tape has been found to be quite resistant to oils, solvents, and acids. Its adhesiveness and insulating capacity are not affected by exposure to chemicals.

DuPont makes it in very thin sheets, which means it can be applied to a variety of areas in any particular device.

Kapton tape also has excellent adhesion properties. It sticks to surfaces other kinds of tapes do not stick to, is very hard to puncture, and when peeled off, leaves nothing behind.

DuPont makes the tape in single-sided and double-sided forms.

Application in 3D Printing

Kapton tape is often used in 3D printing. The tape is laid out over the printing surface of the device to ensure the object being printed does not shift during the process.

Kapton tape and ABS, which is the material used in 3D printing, adhere together well. This is one of the reasons why professionals involved in 3D printing prefer to use it.

Where can you buy Kapton tape?

Kapton tape is widely available on the market. You can purchase it at any hardware and many general retail stores. You will also find it for sale online.

However, you should be cautious when using online vendors. You want to ensure that you are buying genuine Kapton tape, not something that looks like Kapton tape. This is especially important if you plan to use it in an electrical device.

In Summary

Kapton tape was developed in the late 1960s. It was an invaluable tool in the burgeoning space industry of the time and has found many other applications in high-tech since then.

The tape holds up under the most extreme and arduous conditions. If you are designing or building a system that will be exposed to excessive heat or cold or chemicals of various kinds, then you may find Kapton tape useful. It may be exactly what you need to make your design and product work.

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