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Best 3D Printers Under $300: Top Budget-Friendly Options of 2021

3D printing is an innovation that has altered the world in a small, yet radical way. Dreamed up by early Sci-Fi narrators in stories, 3D printing has become a reality. It continues to grow and advance as new technologies permit.

Today, it can be a fun, creative hobby or even be used for lucrative business concepts. With a 3D printer, it is like having a fully equipped factory, ready at your command to make anything. Here we have collected the most inexpensive choices we could find for you. That’s right, you can own any of the best and top rated 3D printers for under $300.

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Best 3D Printer Under $300 Reviews

Longer 3D LK4 3D Printer

Longer 3D is a Chinese-based manufacturer that produces some of the finest budget options on the market. Longer 3D strives to create and develop the best printing technology at affordable production costs.

By reducing the costs of manufacturing their products, Longer 3D can supply the global consumer with an affordable 3D printer. Their products lack nothing in quality and are made with care and intention.


This item features their designed and improved innovations, advancing the world of 3D crafting step-by-step. The LK4 is one of their most excellent creations, and it is also one of their most affordable options.

The LK4 is clearly a technological advancement. Take a look at all of its improved features, and you will see why. It is constructed with a completely renewed frame. The frame is modeled for both stability and aesthetic pleasure.

In providing a sturdy frame, made from choice grade aluminum, it will function with stability throughout its operation. Plus, it will look good while doing it.

Honestly, the complete structure and futuristic face of the device is incredibly pleasing. As a purchase for the craft-inclined mind, its beautiful design would be most pleasing.

Those in search of refined quality would find this an excellent product. Built into its electronic design, specifically its power supply unit, the latest safety features provide the device with stable functioning power. This means that it is less sensitive to sudden power outages, be it by accident or via circuit failure.

The LK4 is operated by an easy-to-use, manufacturer-developed interface. The operation, as well as the software of the printer, is very intelligent and accurately responsive.

It is also fitted with memory and is capable of storing information safe from power outage disruption. This allows it to function from a ‘Resume’ setting that will recall the last position and programming of the print you were busy with.

The machine comes with a touchscreen pad to access the interface. The device can function offline and has no need to operate on third-party applications. All of these functions are offered at a very pleasing price. It is an affordable option and a quality one, too.

In fact, nothing bad can be said about it except, perhaps, that it uses 1.75mm filament. If that is not your desired filament thickness, then you will be better off not purchasing this model.


  • Integrated, top-of-the-line safety features for superior surge protection
  • Renewed and improved aluminum frame providing earthed stability
  • Features a touchscreen, interactive interface for simple, offline printing
  • Built-in, superior glass bed offers an optimum foundation surface
  • Overall pleasing looks and design


  • Can only use filament of up to 1.75mm

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Sovol S31 3D Printer

Sovol is another Chinese-based manufacturer supplying the world with some of the finest, affordable 3D printers. At Sovol, they strive to achieve excellence by developing cost-efficient technology.

Still, they assure their clients only receive a quality product. They also aim to make their products easier to use and create individualized solutions for global customers. The S31 is one of their top-class, very affordable printers.

It is made with their company’s motivation of establishing integrity and trust with its production. Like many of their other printers, the S31 is a popular choice on the market.


The S31 features all of the lucrative innovations that its closest competitors sport. The brand delivers quality and strives for the perfect, most affordable 3D printers, and this is clear when looking at the S31’s design.

It features an alert sensor that can detect and forewarn the operator of filament shortage and the need for replacement. It also features a heat sensor that would warn you of exceeding operating temperature.

The intelligent operating interface, activated via the control panel, is capable of storing memory files concerning ongoing prints. It will be capable of recalling and resuming any lost progress. These safety features will ensure your prints come out perfect every time. The frame is made from stable aluminum, providing intelligent electronics with a responsive device.

The Mean Well integrated power supply is made with the latest surge protection features. This makes the device safe to use with unstable power sources. The printing bed is made from glass, providing the best-known surface for rich, perfect prints.

It also features hand twist knobs for convenient and easy use. It uses 1.75mm filament, which may be unsuitable if you were searching for something a little thicker. Other than that, hardly anything can be found lacking on the S31 3D printer.


  • Fully aluminum frame for the best operating stability
  • Extremely intelligent operating interface with easy-to-use knobs
  • Packed with plenty of safety features against overheating and power failure
  • Handy refill warning makes it more convenient than most competing models
  • Top-grade glass printing bed for the best prints every time


  • Makes use of 1.75mm filament or thinner


Creality3D Ender3 Pro 3D Printer

Creality3D is a Czech-based manufacturer that develops top-of-the-line European printing solutions. Their products are highly trusted and loved by many across the world. It features their innovative designs and is made from technology developed by the best experts and engineers. They have plenty of 3D printer ranges, all featuring different technology for various purposes.


Among their quality printers, you will find the Ender3 series. It is a very popular range that has lived up to great expectations. With the inception of the Ender3 Pro, Creality3D went even further. Being created as a budget-friendly option with no lack of quality, the Ender3 Pro is a marvelous creation.

The Ender3 Pro features upgrades in the power supply unit. The latest Mean Well technology is used to safely power the printer. Since it is proven to be the safest, most efficient component to use, Creality would not settle for using anything less. This feature makes it protected from surges and safe to use on unstable power grids.

It also features memory-enhanced electronics that can resume and recall any ongoing printing progress. Not only will this save time, but no money is lost due to unforeseen influences.

The aluminum frame’s design has also been revised. An improved structure, made from high-grade aluminum, makes up the greatest changes in its design. These additions are cost-effective solutions that provide the printer with stable operations.

The printing bed is made from a new, improved sticker design. It is the latest innovation from Creality3D that features the best adhesive and separation qualities. The bed features C-magnetic technology to provide the printer with its advanced, innovative printing surface.

All of the Ender3 Pro’s features come at their most affordable price yet, making it an ideal investment for anyone. The filament it uses cannot extend beyond 1.75mm in diameter. If you were looking for something that works with thicker material, try the other Ender series products.


  • Improved aluminum frame to provide the best support and stability
  • Easy-to-use interface display with knob activators
  • Rapid heating technology protected against circuit surge
  • Features the latest in printing bed C-magnetic technology
  • Packed with plenty of safety features


  • Only able to use filament of 1.75mm diameter or thinner


DIGGRO Alpha-3 High Precision 3D Printer

This 3D printer comes with a handy, touchscreen interface that makes working with it so much easier and rather enjoyable. It is very easy to scroll through and select files. User-friendliness was definitely high on the ‘must-have’ list for DIGGRO when making this product.


The thing with many 3D printers is that they make a heck of a lot of noise. With this one, though, the noise is noticeably reduced. Thanks to its design, you will also experience a much more accurate performance.

The system will let you know if the printer is running out of filament, which is a useful feature. You won’t be doing something while it’s printing to return to a half-finished project because you didn’t know you were out of filament.

In addition, should you experience a power failure for whatever reason, you won’t have lost your progress. The printer has a useful ‘Resume Print’ feature. The hot bed consists of aluminum substrate and other quality materials. They all work together to create an efficient printer.

It is able to work at a good, uniform temperature for the best results. However, sometimes the hot bed can malfunction and fail to heat. This could be ascribed to faulty design or manufacturing.

Very impressive software goes into running this 3D printer, and it makes a difference. The software influences how well the printer works, and how easy it is to use. Thanks to the open-source firmware, this printer keeps improving.

Users can create and share their additions to the printer. It is also possible to create your own add-ons if you have the savvy needed.

It should be noted that connecting the printer to a computer with a USB cable can be tricky. The printer seems to have difficulty with this type of connection.


  • Software is very impressive
  • Noise levels are greatly reduced
  • Progress won’t be lost in case of power failure
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Impressive accuracy


  • Hot bed can malfunction and not heat up
  • Connecting with USB cables doesn’t always work

TRONXY New Upgraded 3D Printer XY-2 PRO

The XY-2 PRO is an improvement of a previous version and promises to be better and easier to use. This model has a much larger build volume than its predecessor and also comes with some new features. Plus, it has a very good frame design.


Although this 3D printer has many good features, it has a very ‘bare’ frame and design that many users appreciate. There is nothing excessive or extra that makes it cumbersome or heavy.

The performance of the TRONXY is very good and is admired by lovers of 3D printers. It is very easy to put together because it comes partially pre-assembled. It also features a touchscreen display that is very easy to use.

For its price, people will be happy to know that this 3D printer comes with an auto-leveling feature. That’s not common in the more affordable printers. You won’t have to spend time trying to level the bed by yourself, as this can be very tricky.

The operation of this printer isn’t as loud as some other printers tend to be. With that said, the fans can be a little loud.

The heat bed is also able to heat up very quickly, which is always a good thing. One thing that stands out in a negative way is that the manual and instructions aren’t great for beginners; there are terms and descriptions that can confuse anyone new to 3D printing.


  • Heated bed warms up quickly
  • Durable and attractive frame and design
  • Comes with auto-leveling feature
  • Touchscreen menu is easy to use
  • Assembly is fast


  • Instructions are not very useful to beginners
  • Fans are somewhat loud



Now, you know more about the affordable 3D printers out there. You can choose one of the best 3D Printer options for under $300 with peace of mind, since you are aware of the features and drawbacks.

All in all, the top pick has to be the Creality3D Ender3 Pro 3D printer, which is a huge favorite with 3D printer lovers. It has an improved frame and is very stable while having an easy-to-use interface. However, the Longer 3D LK4 3D Printer also offers many good features.

In the end, the printer you choose will depend on your unique needs and requirements.

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