Lithophanes: An Introduction for 3D Printing

Photographs are an amazing way to capture a moment in time in your life to hold as a keepsake for generations. One plus of the modern digital photo era is the sheer quantity of photos …

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3D printed slug

3D Printed Slugs: 11 Types and Examples

There are quite a few things that you can create using a 3D printer. A 3D printed slug is certainly one of these things. You can find 3D printed slugs in a variety of different colors and …

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3D Printed Picture Frames - 20 Curated Examples

3D Printed Picture Frames: 20 Creative Examples

Memories replay in our minds, but they can also be remembered physically. If you’re looking for the perfect 3D printed picture frame to capture your favorite memory, look no further than our curated list. These …

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Easy 3D Pen Ideas

Our Favorite Easy 3D Printing Pen Ideas

Imagine creating 3-dimensional objects with a writing device, and you’ve got the concept of a 3D printing pen. These pens manipulate filament to allow you and your children to bring practically anything to life, from …

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What Can I Make and Sell with a 3D Printer -

What Can I Make and Sell with a 3D Printer?

3D printers are testaments to some of the most advanced technology humans have ever created. The process of 3D printing involves building a three-dimensional object from a digital design made on a computer. They can …

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