Best Laser Cutter for Small Business: Top 5 Money Makers

Since writing this article on the best laser cutters for a small business I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from readers like yourself.  Many have gone on to start their very own business and our making money with their laser engraver.  I always love reading these emails and messages, so please feel free to share your laser cutting journey with us!

In a hurry… Here’s Our Top Pick

Our Pick
Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer

The Glowforge Plus is an excellent plug-in-play laser cutter. Prepare to get your creative juices flowing because this beauty is also a cutting beast.

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10/04/2021 08:54 pm GMT

So you’re looking to start a small business, but not sure of the best laser cutter to purchase.  Luckily you’ve found the right article to help you.  Whether you are a professional engraver or an amateur that does small professional jobs on the side, there is an engraver for you. These machines may differ in price and size, as the sun, and the moon differs from each other.

For the serious engraver, there is a machine that will be suitable for whatever engraving and cutting jobs you want to do. In this review, we will take a look at a variety of these engraving machines that are available to help you make the best decision.

Best Laser Cutter for Small Business Reviews

Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer

With this laser engraver, you get great quality and flexibility together with functionality in one package for all your engraving work.


The Glowforge Plus Laser Cutter is very easy to set up in just about any space.  Prepare to get your creativite juices flowing because this beauty is also a cutting beast. To work with it may take some time to get used to, but your creativity will quickly take off. This will be the start of a very satisfactory career.

You can draw directly onto the material you want to create and on-board cameras will scan it. See your designs come alive when you hit the button for a great 3D creation. The engraver can easily be manipulated to give the most satisfactory end result even for the beginner engraver.

The motors of this laser engraving machine can control the motions of up to a thousandth of an inch. This allows for very precise laser engravings for a perfected finished product in any design. That is the reason why this laser engraver can easily complete your 3D workpiece in no time.

The free software that comes with the engraving machine is very easy to set up and can be done in a few minutes. It is also compatible with most popular software and operating systems such as Microsoft and Mac. It can also be connected with your smartphone or Tablet.

The high output wattage of the laser head will allow quite a high output volume to accommodate all the orders coming in. This means you have a laser engraver that will put you in the high-end category. It is very suitable for the serious engraver that wants to build a good business.

There is one drawback with this laser engraving machine and that is the engraver must be online for it to work. It is also not suitable for engraving on precious metals such as gold and silver and that is a negative.


  • High output wattage
  • Can be used on some soft metals
  • Easy to setup
  • Can be used for 3D engraving


  • The engraver must be online to start the job
  • It is not suitable for precious metals


DIHORSE 30W Desktop Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

From the DIHORSE stall, you get a standalone laser engraver with a decent laser output for a variety of engravings.  The best laser for engraving metals and jewelry.


The 30W laser engraver can be used for engraving on many different types of laser engravings on a variety of metals. And not just on metals, but also on many other types such as plastic, ceramic, among many other materials, so you’re not just limited to jewelry with this engraving machine to practice your creativity on.

What you get when you purchase this laser engraving machine is a standalone table with the engraver mounted on it. There is ample working space available complete a huge range of engraving applications without the need to add more working space. Also included in this work station is a cabinet to put your server and a hidden drawer for the keyboard.

This engraving machine supports an extensive range of graphic formats to eliminate the limitations of graphic file types for use. All the file types that are supported by this jewelry engraving machine are the most used graphic formats, thus making this engraver very compatible and a user-friendly tool in the engraving industry for easy use.

When you purchase this engraver, you can use it for far more than just the engraving of jewelry in a business. There are a lot of other types of applications available, such as company logo engraving and many more interesting things to do. It is also possible to engrave identification markings on electronic devices. An added bonus is the device comes with a 2-year warranty.

You get a great engraver of very high-quality that is quite versatile, but there is one drawback with this engraving machine — it is not suitable for 3D engraving, which is kind of a big issue if you come to think of it. There is a vast market out there for 3D engraved items, and with this machine, you completely miss out on that.

Another not-so-good thing about this engraving machine is that it does not come with clear and easy instructions. It is also quite difficult to assemble this device, and you may need time to master the use of this engraver. But not to completely shoot it down, there is still an exceptional level of satisfaction for the end-user of this jewelry engraver.


  • Can be used on all types of metal
  • Standalone unit
  • Supports many graphic formats
  • Can do a variety of applications


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not suitable for 3D engraving


Orion Motor Tech 80W Laser Engraver – Best Glowforge Alternative

The laser engraver from Orion is a high-quality and highly satisfying engraving machine for many different applications and materials.  Overall it’s an excellent cheaper alternative to the Glowforge.


This high-wattage laser engraving machine allows for very high-quality and precision engraving of jewelry at a high volume of output.

You will not need to acquire additional expensive lenses with the standard high-resolution optics already installed in this engraver. This engraving machine may need a bit getting used to, but the operating of it is fairly easy to master.

You can use this engraving machine for many nonmetal engraving applications for many different professional-grade engravings and markings. This laser engraving machine is suitable to be used for use in very small precision engraving, as well as for larger applications. It can be used for engraving almost any type of nonmetal surfaces for a high-precision professional job.

With the software included with the Orion laser engraving machine, you can easily design and engrave any custom job you can imagine.

It is made very easy with the software and the machine’s compatibility with many other commercial software programs. Some of the software that can easily be used are CAD drawing software as well as many design software and spreadsheet software.

A very high output level can be maintained with this laser engraving machine for continuous and accurate output production. With this laser device, you can easily set up a production line for lots of different types of work, such as plaques. Many small gifts such as company logos can be done on a very professional level and many more engraving applications.

Upon receiving this engraving machine, prepare yourself for a couple of hours of assembling and the initial setup of the laser engraver.

You may also have a steep learning curve for operating this laser engraver, depending on your level of experience. This may sound a bit disheartening, but the satisfaction of finishing the first job will help you forget the hard work.

This laser engraver is not intended to be used for metal types of engraving, though some people may use it for metal. It is not advisable to use the laser engraver for types of materials it is not designed for.


  • High wattage laser output
  • Can work on many nonmetals
  • Great software included
  • It has a high operating speed


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Only work for nonmetal engravings


TEN-HIGH Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Here you have a very high-end laser engraver that allows for a high output volume and great quality engraving work.


For the professional engraver, this is the perfect laser engraving machine to boost the output volume of your engraving business. This is quite possible with the 100 Watt laser head included with this engraver from Ten-High. And it will give the high output volume at with great quality engraving work.

The wide working space that is included will allow for the engraving machine to be able to do the larger work. And this engraving machine allows for a replacement part for easy replacement when it is needed. This engraving machine is suitable for the beginner and the expert engraver alike.

The installation of the machine may take some time and may be a daunting task for the entry-level engraver. But an instruction video is supplied by the manufacturer to make the initial setup much easier. This will help the beginner and the professional to save you time with the setup.

You do not need for the engraver to be online for it to work to provide you with high-end engraving jobs. The machine is completely stand-alone and it is compatible with much different design software to make it very easy for you.

It is also very suitable to be used on a variety of non-metal materials for many great engraving applications for high output. This engraving machine can be used to engrave on glass and other non-reflective materials as well as other soft metals.

Unfortunately, the rotary axis is not included with the laser engraver when you buy it. Provision has been made for the addition of one and can be added.


  • Very high output wattage
  • It has a wide working surface
  • Can be used offline and stand-alone
  • It will work on non-reflective surfaces


  • It does not have a rotary axis included
  • This machine can only be used with 110v outlets


Triumph 30w Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

This is a very high-end laser engraving machine that comes with very nice features for a much better output volume.


This is already quite a very high-output laser that can be upgraded to an even higher output laser head. That will significantly increase the output of this already fast engraving machine, and that may improve the income that can be made.

If you are a little tech-savvy and have a bit of working experience with these kinds of machines, it will be easy to use. But it will also be very easy to operate for the beginner engraver for a great experience.

Upon reception of this laser engraver, it will not be difficult to set it up and have it up and running for use. It will save you time, and with the pre-installed software, you can start working as soon as you are ready.

You have quite a wide working space for engraving with this standalone laser engraver and cutter for many different sizes. This laser engraver can easily be operated with many different software interfaces for quick and easy design and access.

It comes with quite a high price tag which will likely put it out of range of the amateur engravers out there. But the unit will pay for itself over time with the high output volume it can handle and a great assortment of applications.

This laser engraver can not be used to engrave on glass surfaces that may limit the range of applications it can manage. This may become an issue if you lose customers because of this limitation of the laser engraver.


  • Laser head can be upgraded
  • Very easy to use
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Wide engraving area


  • High price tag
  • Not to be used on glass



Overall, the best laser cutter for a small business would be the Glowforge Plus.  For the serious and professional engraver, this will be the best of them all. It is not too expensive compared to the money that can be made with this engraver and it comes with lots of extras.

Another great alternative is the Orion Motor Tech laser engraver. It is large yet quite mobile, and can be used with a variety of materails as well and is great for a tight budget.