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Best Fonts For Cricut (FREE & Paid)

We may have come across a Cricut tool but may not have the right information and knowledge about it. Basically, Cricut is an amazing tool that is popular for all those who have an artistic bent of mind or for all those who would like to add some designs for things that they make either for themselves, for their friends or even for their businesses. It is used for making some great looking and crafty objects.

It is a tool that is capable of cutting intricate designs and for writing different types of or even for drawing projects and for a host of other such tasks. Hence, it is without any doubt one of the coolest and utility-filled cutting machines in the market today.

It is a big gift for all those who need to use fonts, designs and other such things on a regular basis.

What can a Cricut Machine do?

Cricut Explore Air 2, Mint

There is no doubt that it is a machine that does the basic job of cutting. It could be compared to a printer. However, it is not exactly a printer.

Instead of ink, it makes use of a small sized blade to cut the various designs, and also when it comes to writing fonts. It does much more than just cut. You also make a pen or an even a scorer tool for the purpose of scoring and keeping a tab on numbers.

Cricut machines have the capability of cutting over 100 materials, if that interests you should check out our Complete Cricut Materials Guide.

It can cut almost everything ranging from balsa wood, to vinyl or from cardstock to adhesive foil. It also can easily handle thicker materials like leather.

There are some new and advanced models that can make use of a scoring wheel, knife blade or a rotary cutter. If you are unsure on what machine to choose, make sure to check out our article about the difference between Cricut Machines.

The Best Fonts for your Cricut

If you are looking for the right fonts for your various needs and requirements, there is little doubt that the Cricut machine is perhaps the best choice. Whether it is the best cricut font for vinyl or from other material, you won’t need to struggle.

Just use the help of the Cricut machine and you will be able to come out with some amazing fonts within minutes. Hence, at the end of the day, there is no doubt that the Cricut machine is a fantastic cutting and designing tool. The great news is these fonts work with a laser cutter and a cricut machine.

Let us learn more about the fascinating world of fonts and how you can literally weave a magic of fonts using the Cricut machining tool. Additionally, we also will be having a look at some other interesting things.

We will look at some way to upload fonts to the Cricut machines using iPhone and other devices and also through other means. We are sure it will be informative for all those who love this machine and would like to make the best use of it.

You can learn how to create some of the most amazing font files and also upload your own SVG and come out with some awesome custom cut fonts and files.

How To Make Fonts using Cricut Design Space

It is quite easy to make some of the most unique and versatile font designs speedily and efficiently making use of the Cricut machine. You should click here if looking for free fonts for your cricut.  There are many ways to do it, but the most common way is to get started by opening a design space and add the required text into it. Modern day Cricut machines are menu drive and they are easy to understand and follow. You have the liberty to choose different types of font. Here is a brief step by step approach for making use of the fonts using Cricut.

  1. You can have them imported from online resources.
  2. Alternately, you also can make use of the dozens of fonts that you have in your system.
  3. The Cricut machine allows the users to access the various fonts that are available in your system.
  4. There is a “System” icon on the Cricut machine and once you click on it and access the same, you will see that all the fonts available on your computer or loaded on to the cricut machine.
  5. You can scroll through and search the font that you wish to use.
  6. Alternatively, you can also use the wild card search option by typing the name of the font if you know it.

This will help the Cricut machine to select the font size and font type that you want. You can then make use of the same for your text and the Cricut machine will do the designing, printing and other such things. This is just to give the readers a broad idea about the basic concept of using the Cricut machine for making fonts. It is important when using design space that you have the best computer for your Cricut, to make designing that much quicker and easier.

We are listing down some of the most commonly used fonts that are used for engraving names, for engraving on jewelry, and also the different types of fonts that could be used on Vinyl, or for the purpose of certain big festivities like Christmas and also for topping up cakes with names during birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other such memorable events.

Best Fonts For Engraving Names

There are dozens of fonts that form part of the overall family of fonts. Many of them have different uses and some are also used in and overlapping fashion. However, when it comes to engraving names, there are some commonly used fonts.

Fonts for Engraving Names

  1. Double Script
  2. Clarendon
  3. Interlocking Monogram
  4. English Vance
  5. Times Roman Classic font

Many people make use of Times Roman Classic font for the purpose of engraving names. This type of font is considered to be perfectly suited for the various formal occasions. Further, when they are engraved using Cricut machines, they do appear quite impressive and stunning. These fonts also stand out when they are engraved into metals.

This is because they are capable of giving a crisp and beautiful finish that stands out from the metal and makes it easy to read. It also stays in shape and has a longer life when compared to other types of fonts and styles.

Having said this, when you have a Cricut machine, you can try out many other font sizes, types and style for engraving and come out with your own choice. You are limited only by your imagination.

Best Fonts for Engraving Jewelry

There is no doubt that engraving on jewelry is a delicate job and it has to be done properly. Choosing the right font is also important and the choice of the fonts in terms of style, size and other such attributes should also be done carefully.

You do not have a second chance and therefore you must be sure that you are doing it perfectly the first time around. The Cricut machines are the best for the purpose of engraving jewelry with the right fonts. Most experienced jewelers recommend two main types of engraving options and they are block and script.

Though they may vary from place to place, in terms of looks they are almost the same. Script is considered the best solution for elegant as well as romantic inscriptions. On the other hand, block is considered to be a good option for all those who are looking for a font type that is sharp, clean and easier to read and comprehend.

Fonts for Engraving Jewelry

  1. Helvetica Font
  2. Victoria Font
  3. Script Font
  4. Avant Font
  5. Old English Font

As far as most jewelers and customers are concerned they have a preference for Helvetica Font, because it comes with simple lines and does not have any flourishes that may impact reading.

Best Cricut Fonts for Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most commonly used materials for designing, cutting, inscription and other such purposes. This is because of some proven advantages and benefits. However, the inscriptions on vinyl will look even better if you are able to choose the right font size, type and designs.

Though, as an end user, you have the liberty in making the right choice of font for use on vinyl, if you go by expert opinion they have a few things to suggest.   Vinyl cutters will make great use of these fonts.

According to them, Times New Roman Classic Font is considered to be the best Cricut font for vinyl. This is an understated lettering font and even today it is classified as one of the best known fonts in the serif category. They come in handy for engraving on Vinyl and are also suited for formal occasions. Further, they can easily be used with the help of a Cricut machine and other hobby vinyl cutters are capable of giving that unique and special effect when they are engraved on Vinyl. The Cricut machines also help in giving that crisp as well as easy to read finish.

Best Cricut Fonts for Christmas

There is no doubt that Christmas is the biggest and most awaited holiday season for millions of people across the world. It is a season where thousands of gifts are given and received. Most of us would love to have the names inscribed before they are gifted and this is where Cricut machines can play a big role.

They are capable of offering some of the best solutions when it comes to making use of the right fonts and having them inscribed in various surfaces ranging from vinyl to paper and also on some tough and strong surface like leather.

However, it is important to choose the right font and there are quite a few of them that could be chosen for special occasions like Christmas. We are listing down some of the most popular and commonly used fonts for Christmas.

If you are able to choose any of these machines and make use of the Cricut machines, you will certainly be able to come out with some stunning products on some different types of surfaces.

Cricut Fonts for Christmas

  1. Merry Lights
  2. Christmas Vibes Font
  3. Nordic Christmas
  4. Christmas Mistletoe
  5. Lolly Font
  6. Ho Ho Holiday Font
  7. Snow Family Font
  8. My Dear Santa

Best Font for Cake Topper

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries and various other periodical or even annual occasions are extremely happy events. Hence, we would like to make it as memorable as possible and gifting and receiving is a common feature during these events. Cutting cakes is also an integral part of such events.

There is an age old habit of writing the names of the persons whose special days are being celebrated. Even names of firms are inscribed for corporate events where too cake cutting is becoming quite common.

The use of Cricut machines is extremely common on such occasions and they are used for making some of the best fonts for cake topping. While the Cricut machines will do their job, you must spend some time choosing the right font for cake topping.

Though the users are the best judges to choose the right font, here are the most commonly used fonts for cake topping that are also recommended by experts.

Fonts for Cake Toppers

  1. Blackjack
  2. Quirky Script (which is a Cricut Design Space font)
  3. October Twilight

They stand out when inscribed properly using the best of Cricut machines and inscribing technologies.

The above would have given the readers a reasonably good idea about the various types of fonts that are recommended for various occasions. These could be considered to be the best fonts for cricut machines. Let us now briefly have a look at the ways and means of uploading fonts.

How To Upload Fonts To Cricut

When you want to know how to add a font to Cricut there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Like, many Cricut fonts built into the machine itself and the same can be used. The Cricut machine also permits use of the various fonts that are installed on the computer, Android devices or iOS devices. The process of adding a font to Cricut is quite simple.

  1. You will have to select the text area that you want to add Font. This can be done from the design panel located on the left side of the canvas.
  2. You will come across the edit bar and you will have to click on the drop down menu and from there you can select the desired font.
  3. Once this has been done you can then have it printed on the various surfaces as mentioned and it should not take more than a few minutes. You can use the same font and same design and same text over and over again for as many times as you wish. This is what makes the Cricut machine so unique and different.

How To Download Fonts on Cricut With iPhone

Though there are many free resources available for downloading fonts and using it on iPhone for your requirements, if you want to make the best of it, it would be better to go in for some paid options. There are many paid options that are available that allow you to “buy” font designs and use it.

  1. You could go in for monthly packages, quarterly, half-yearly or annual options. These fonts can be integrated with your Cricut machine.
  2. You can select the text and apply the font size, shape, design and style. The Cricut machine also allows you to make changes to the size of the font.
  3. Once it has been done and once it has been applied, you can have it printed on the respective surfaces.
  4. It should not take much of a time.
  5. Since this is a repetitive process you can keep using the same font on different texts if you so want.

How To Use DaFont With Cricut Design Space

There are many online resources that allow the users to access fonts and then apply them on text. DaFont is one such resource and you can then make use of the Cricut machine to select the text and take things forward. You will have to follow the same steps as mentioned above but with some exceptions to the rule. We are listing down a few of the most important steps for better understanding and comprehension.

  • You have to go to the respective site and access the area where the fonts are available. Once this has been done, you should select the font you would like to use. The lists of fonts are displayed and you will have no difficulty in making use of the right one. You can then have the font downloaded on your iPhone by clicking the download option. The downloaded font can be saved on to your iPhone.
  • You can then have the font integrated with your Cricut machine. The process from then on is the same as above. You have to select the text, and apply the font and then continue with the printing work. There are both free font options and paid options and you are free to choose the one you prefer based on your specific needs and requirements.


The above, we hope would have given our readers a reasonably good idea about the various reasons as to why it makes sense to invest in a Cricut machine.

It certainly is an intelligent investment and it can be used for a number of purposes and occasions.

We also believe that the information pertaining to various fonts for various occasions would also have been informative to our readers and other stakeholders.

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