Can you Laser Engrave Acrylic

Can you Laser Engrave Acrylic?

Acrylic is a versatile and reliable material that works well for many DIY and professional projects. When you want a plastic-like material that holds up to environmental conditions and abuse, acrylic is an excellent choice. …

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Plasma Table

DIY CNC Plasma Table: Materials and Instructions

CNC plasma tables are incredibly versatile and can provide a wide variety of different potential applications. Plasma cutting tables are one of the most commonly used and efficient tools for cutting materials quickly and efficiently. …

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Can You Laser Cut Foam

Can You Laser Cut Foam?

When it comes to DIY projects, foam is a highly versatile and resilient material. While foam is often not too strong or durable, it does hold its shape well and can work for a wide …

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How Hot is a Laser Cutter

How Hot is a Laser Cutter?

When it comes to machining and manufacturing, laser cutting has become the go-to option for reliability and versatility. Since lasers are easier to manipulate than cutting instruments (i.e., saws), manufacturers can create more intricate shapes. …

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Can you laser cut epoxy

Can You Laser Cut Epoxy Resin?

Now that we live in a golden age of DIY projects and tutorials, it’s never been easier for me to make the products I want rather than buy them from the store. I love 3D …

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Can You Laser Cut Kydex

Can You Laser Cut Kydex?

If you’re a weapon enthusiast, you know the value of a good sheath or holster. Whether you’re carrying a blade or a firearm, the material you use can make a world of difference. As I’ve …

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CNC Machinist Wage

How Much Does a CNC Machinist Make?

Computer Numerical Control Programming (CNC) programming is a powerful and efficient solution used by the manufacturing industry to achieve high machining quality, speed, and accuracy at low costs. Its growing popularity has led to the …

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